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This Preacher’s Wife!

AmandaAmanda is going to the preacher’s wives’ retreat at the Chickasaw State Park this weekend, which prompted me to write about her as a preacher’s wife.  I am admittedly biased, but I think she is an awesome preacher’s wife!  Here are some of the reasons I think she makes a great preacher’s wife for Seven Oaks and especially for this preacher!

  • She loves the church.  She loves the Lord’s church universally and wants to see it expanded.  She loves the people of Seven Oaks.  They are like family to her and she loves them!
  • She views her role as a partner in ministry.  She loves the work and job of ministry.  Preaching is not just the job of her husband, but it is our family’s purpose to serve in ministry.  She views herself as a partner in my work.  This makes a tremendous difference.
  • She is a talented teacher and leader.  Amanda is a great Bible class teacher for ladies and children.  She is also very good at leading groups and organizing activities.  She just helped me out a bunch this past weekend in organizing and helping lead a project for our “We are the Sermon” day.
  • She is creative.  I love talking to her about ideas and projects. She comes up with good sermon topics and series (sometimes she will even give me the points!!) She helps me consider events and activities from the perspective of a woman and a mother with small children.  Her creativity blesses me.
  • She has a drive and hunger for following the Lord.  Amanda will often challenge me regarding encouraging others, visiting, talking to someone about sin, or stewardship.  She challenges me to be a better servant of God with her devotion.  I am a better preacher, father, husband, and Christian because of her. 
  • She has a listening ear.  She is great at listening to me discuss my work, sermon thoughts, frustrations, and ideas.
  • She is wise in handling relationships and understanding people.  She often helps me understand a person and know how to deal with a situation.
  • She teaches our children to respect their father, the work of preaching, and the church.  She is raising our children without a spirit of bitterness or jealousy towards the church.
  • She is a great sermon critic, even if I don’t always like the review!
  • She is very outgoing and friendly.  She enjoys meeting new people and helping new folks feel welcome.
  • She is hospitable.  Though we don’t do it as much now with four small kids, she is wonderful at entertaining and having people into our home.
  • She believes in me and affirms me daily.
  • She creates a loving home with a comfortable environment away from the stress of ministry. 
  • She is hip and cool.  She doesn’t want to be the preacher’s wife that everyone can pick out immediately because of their outdated style, but she wants to be like one of the church members.  She is always appropriately and modestly dressed in styles that make her look beautiful.
  • She is the preacher’s best friend. 
  • She is very disciplined and self-controlled in her money-management.
  • She is a wonderful mother and is constantly training and teaching them. 
  • She is willing to work.  She joins the church in serving others and is not afraid to do whatever role is needed.
  • She is humble.  She doesn’t feel like she does any of these that well, and certainly not enough.
  • She is controlled in her words and honors the confidentiality of others.

I could go on, but I think you realize now why she is a great preacher’s wife, and I know she is the perfect one for me!  I hope the ladies have a great retreat and Amanda is spiritually recharged to continue her awesome ways!


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  1. This is a great affirming post. I, too, am blessed with a wonderful wife, who helps me in ways she doesn’t even know with ministry.

    Amanda is a wonderful lady, and you are blessed to have her as your wife. You (both) keep up the great work!

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