Aug 21

The End of Total Solar Eclipses!

by evgenij kursai at free

Today is the day of first Total Eclipse to travel the length of the United States since 1918.  Eclipses where you live are rare events.  Researches who have studied the orbits of the earth and moon believe the moon is moving 3.8 centimeters away from the earth each year. The effect of such movement means that over time the moon will get farther from earth so that it will not create a total eclipse anywhere on earth.  So enjoy the total eclipse now, because they won’t happen forever. “When will this happen?,” you ask.  Scientists estimate this will not occur until 650 million years from now.  So I don’t think you have anything to worry about!

You may be thinking, “This is really, pointless and trivial knowledge.”  And I agree, with the exception that I want to make a spiritual point to your life with this knowledge.  What did you think when you read 650 million years.  That number seems unfathomable.  You probably thought the world will not even be in existence that long from now.  You likely just dismissed it because there is no way it has any relevance to your life now.  But here is the thing–you will be around 650 million years from now.  You likely won’t care much about solar eclipses.  You will be in eternity.  Abiding with God or cast from his presence.  And while that number seems unfathomable and super far away, in the spectrum of eternity, it is still short!

When you really stop and consider it, you realize the import of the short time you spend on earth.  It determines your eternal destiny!  Enjoy the eclipse today!


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