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Jun 20

New Issues for Today’s Parents

Parenting has always been tough.  Great Biblical heroes struggled to be good parents.  David was a great king and psalmist but failed in numerous ways as a parent.  Samuel and Eli both had rebellious sons who brought shame to their legacy.  Jesus even pictures God the Father as having a rebellious son in the parable …

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May 04

Your Child is Special, But Not for the Reasons You Think!

There is an unspoken rivalry existing in our world today.  None of us want to admit it, but we all think our kid is the best.  Ask our classroom teachers and our coaches.  They run into parents weekly that have a distorted view of reality when it comes to their “special” child.  Secretly we all believe …

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Apr 20

Caleb Keeps Some Great Time While Leading His Song

You will have to ignore my loud voice at the start of this song, but this is so adorable of Caleb leading his song at Lads to Leaders this last weekend.  He has watched his brothers and sister move their arms at home and wants to be like them!  

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Mar 24

Christian Families and Youth Sports (pt. 3)

Part one in this series deal with the impact youth sports is having upon families and the church.  In part two I discussed highlights from Mike Matheny’s book on youth sports.  In this third and final post I desire to share some of my own suggestions for dealing with youth sports as a Christian parent. …

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Mar 23

Christian Families and Youth Sports (pt. 2)

In part one I discussed the impact of youth sports upon families and how we must seek to manage our involvement with sports.  All of these thoughts I am sharing found their stimulus in Mike Matheny’s book The Matheny Manifesto.  Mike is the current manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.  The book was excellent.  It …

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Mar 21

Christian Families and Youth Sports (pt. 1)

I want to release three posts on the topic: This one (part 1) on the importance of considering how we handle youth sports. A second part sharing some highlights from Mike Matheny’s book on the topic. And a third post with some suggestions I would like to make to families.  So join me in reading …

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Oct 30

Pre-Marital Sex: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Privilege without Commitment!

Sex is a privilege, not a right!  We are created sexual beings that have a desire for sexual gratification.¹  But it is not a right.  God intended for us to enjoy the privilege of sex when we make the commitment in marriage to another person.²  When sex becomes a part of a relationship outside of marriage …

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Sep 14

Drawing Faith Lines: A Lesson from Patent Shoes

We are called to live out an ancient faith in this modern world.  This means we often have to use biblical principles to make judgments about what we should and should not do in this world.  Christians often disagree on these judgements and controversy seems to surround these topics. We were discussing this idea in ladies’ …

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Jun 01

How Transgender Bathroom Rules Are Flushing Our Youth

  {NOTE:  I wrote this article for an upcoming THINK magazine on Transgender issues.} On May 13, 2016, President Obama did what was considered unthinkable just a couple of years ago.  He, along with Education and Justice Department officials, issued a letter urging school officials to accommodate transgender students by allowing them to use the …

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May 05

Your Generation’s Faith May Delay God’s Judgment

America is growing more wicked! It is likely that judgment may come to this once great nation in the future.  I am not a doomsday prophet, or one who seeks to be overly dramatic.  But the sins of America will have consequences.  The more we flaunt our sin before a holy God, turning our backs …

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