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Jul 07

Finding Your Center!

We live in a world of chaos.  Our lives are like walking through a crowded mall during Christmas.  We are surrounded by stores attractively designed to grasp our attention.  Salesmen working a kiosk booth ask for a few moments of our time to sell us what we have always needed, but never knew we wanted!  …

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Mar 22

Are You Willing to Be Bored for Jesus?

All churches can have times where you get bored.  You may get bored with a Bible class teacher, or a person who makes too many comments in Bible class.  You may be bored with the same old youth group activities.  You may not like a song leader or a song that goes on endlessly like …

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Mar 15

Apps to Help Your Family Devotions

We try to do nightly family devotionals.  We typically keep ours pretty short (between 4 – 10 minutes).  For the last year or so we have just sung songs that the kids knew by memory, or occasionally pulled out a song book.  But we don’t have enough song books, and typically don’t want to take …

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Oct 23

What My Sunday Night Survey Revealed

Last week I offered a survey on this site regarding Sunday night.  I also asked members of Seven Oaks to fill it out.  I thought you might enjoy learning about the results and my observations.  There were 93 respondents and I appreciate each who took the survey.       The Results:  Which of the …

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Oct 13

Where Are You on Sunday Nights?

Please take a minute and fill out this survey regarding Sunday nights.  I will help me and others as I will be sharing this information.  The survey is anonymous and is very concise.  Thanks in advance.  Help me share the survey with others too.  Thanks,  Josh          

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Aug 26

What I Wish Everyone Knew about Worship

You want to start a discussion, or maybe I should say an argument, then get off on the topic of worship.  People have strong convictions about worship.  Worship is quite possibly the hardest thing we as mere mortal humans ever try to do!  Worship is so connected to our faith and what we do in …

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May 27

Giving Our Treasures in Worship

Israel was weak.  So weak the Philistines had taken over Bethlehem, the home of David.  David had fled to a cave stronghold just west of Bethlehem.  While in this cave, David longs for the peace, comfort, and blessings of home.  He states he wishes he could drink from the well by the gate of Bethlehem. …

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Apr 05

Instrumental Music Debate: How Should We Respond?

This article is not intended to give a thorough Biblical defense of a cappella singing in worship (see the footnotes for information on that subject), rather this post assumes the belief in a cappella worship to God. The Otter Creek Church, which is a congregation traditionally associated with the Church of Christ adopted the use of …

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Mar 15

Is Sunday Still Special?

Sunday! How is it viewed in our culture today? The day for football! (NFL season) The day of rest (stay home and relax) The day for TV watching The day for doing home chores The day for youth sports The day for recreation and hobbies What about the day for worship and service to Christ and …

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Feb 19

Thinking about God while Singing Lullabies to Caleb

For the last year I have put Caleb, our youngest down to sleep each night.  Don’t think I am the greatest dad ever, I probably wouldn’t do this every night if he didn’t do better for me than Amanda.  You see, he likes her more!  This really isn’t up for debate, in fact, he likes …

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