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Nov 15

The Blessing in the Mess!

Thanksgiving is a time when we count our blessings.  While it is easy to number certain blessings, we often may need to look a little deeper.  Sometimes the work and frustrations of life keep us from seeing the blessings that come because of that work. Proverbs 14:4 says, “Where there are no oxen, the manger …

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May 26

Career Counseling Advice from My Dad

My dad is a farmer!  He loves to work and improve the land.  He has always been a farmer since his young age and built his own business with the help of family.  He has grown soybeans, rice, cotton, milo, wheat, and corn over the years.  His farm is in Southeast Missouri in the rich …

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Apr 19

Doing Even More than Required

Paul tells Philemon that he is confident of his obedience, even believing he will do even more than he says (v. 21). There are two general categories of people; those who do the bare minimum to scrape by and those who go above and beyond to do a job well. Paul had faith in Philemon …

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Dec 08

Validate and Respect the Work of Others

Have you noticed we all tend to think our work is more important than others? Really, be honest, don’t you often feel disrespected in your work?  Like few really understand its’ challenges and your hard work.  The truth is–most don’t.  Do we really know the challenges of a junior high teacher, unless we are one? …

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