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Dec 05

Dealing with Slow Walkers This Christmas

A Mastercard survey found that 80% of shoppers say “slow walkers” is their biggest annoyance while shopping.  In response to this annoyance, one large mall in the UK released a “fast lane” which is a strip marked on the floor of the mall for fast walkers.¹ The survey also showed that the average walking speed …

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Nov 15

The Blessing in the Mess!

Thanksgiving is a time when we count our blessings.  While it is easy to number certain blessings, we often may need to look a little deeper.  Sometimes the work and frustrations of life keep us from seeing the blessings that come because of that work. Proverbs 14:4 says, “Where there are no oxen, the manger …

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Oct 25

Wearing Masks!

It is Halloween time!  Halloween is the time when we put on costumes and pretend to be something we are not.  Kids enjoy this holiday and many adults still dress up.  While it is fun to put on a costume and pretend, do we put on masks throughout the rest of the year spiritually and …

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Jan 03

Are you Determined?

It is 2017!  What will be accomplished this year in your life? I have been listening to David McCullough’s fine biography of the Wright Brothers. The Wright brothers are famous for inventing the airplane and conquering the scientific problems of flight.  After the world had finally recognized their success they received many medals.  One of …

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Nov 01

Being Known for Our Ears!

What are Christians known for more; our mouths or ears? True or not, most would answer that we are known more for what we say.  We certainly should be known for proclaiming the truth in love.  We have to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but being known for our ears will help others hear …

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Apr 18

A Business with the Right Idea!

This is not my typical post on this blog, but I was so impressed with the philosophy and aims of this company that I had to share about them.  When we were at the Lads-to-Leaders convention in Nashville my wife did some shopping at one of the booths connected with the convention.  She told me …

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May 08

It is NOT Gossip because . . .

We have all heard the line, and we are all skeptical of it. It is the sentence that starts something like this:  “I am not gossiping when I tell you this …” Often after the conversation, we don’t feel good about it! But there are some reasons for sharing negative information about others.  In fact, …

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May 06

Just What is Gossip Anyways?

Gossip or slander was condemned in the Old and New Testament.¹  Gossip is the spreading of rumors or idle, fruitless tales.  It is usually negative and involves “juicy” details that incite our interest and curiosity.  Proverbs talks gossip being the divulging of personal information and secrets.² Four Questions to Use in Helping You Identify Gossip. Is …

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Oct 10

Generosity: What I Learned at the Pumpkin Barn!

On Wednesday morning the Homeschool Group, to which my wife helps organize, went to the Pumpkin Barn here in Graves County, KY.  There were over 60 of us in the group.  My family has gone for several years with our church preschool. We love going each year. It is a beautiful country scene.  The kids …

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Sep 08

Which is Your Spirituality: Microwave Dinner or Home-cooking?

  “Quick and easy” are two buzz words we all love to hear. All it takes is a trip to the local grocery store to see how products advertise “quick and easy.”  Home cooked meals, that may take hours, have been replaced with frozen TV dinners and quick microwave dishes.  With our busy schedules, this shift in meal …

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