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Jan 07

A Cardiologist Models Christ-like Service

A few weeks ago, I was visiting some close friends and church members in the emergency room.  The brother had symptoms connected with heart problems, following a recent surgery.  An ambulance was called and they were receiving care.  The ER doctor wanted them to see a cardiologist.  The nurse was telling us about the cardiologist …

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Feb 23

Reviving Hospitality!

Why is it that we think hospitality is just for the ladies?  One of the qualifications for an elder is “hospitable.”  It seems that hospitality is a dying virtue in our busy culture. It was highly valued in Old Testament times.  We see it displayed by Abraham, Lot, the widow of Zarephath to Elijah and …

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Jan 28

Who Gets the Credit?

Who gets the credit? This question is seldom vocalized, but often unconsciously on the mind of everyone. Sports teams struggle with the question. Church leaders struggle with the question. Preachers secretly ask themselves, “will I get the credit?” when this succeeds. Elders just wonder why the preacher gets the credit and they get the blame! Husbands …

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Apr 22

An Inspiring Story of Sharing in the Pain of Others

Syria has been embroiled in a horrible civil war with over 100,000 killed in the conflict.  2 million have fled Syria as refugees to neighboring nations.  3/4 of these refugees are women and children.  The city of Homs has been a place of unspeakable violence for the last two years. In Homs, Francis van der …

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