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Jan 07

A Cardiologist Models Christ-like Service

A few weeks ago, I was visiting some close friends and church members in the emergency room.  The brother had symptoms connected with heart problems, following a recent surgery.  An ambulance was called and they were receiving care.  The ER doctor wanted them to see a cardiologist.  The nurse was telling us about the cardiologist …

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Oct 28

God is Not To Be Used, But Served!

First Samuel chapters 4-6 tell the story of the Ark of God getting passed around from group to group all in an attempt to use God for their personal benefit.  First, Israel brings the Ark out for a battle against the Philistines.  They lose because of their wickedness and the ark is stolen.  The Philistines …

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Oct 07

Don’t Limit God By Limiting Yourself!

“I just don’t think I can do that!” “Well, I am too busy to add that to my life.” “You can find someone who will do better, I don’t feel qualified to do it.”  “I am not a very good teacher.” Have you heard any of these lines before?  Have you said them?  While there …

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Apr 19

Doing Even More than Required

Paul tells Philemon that he is confident of his obedience, even believing he will do even more than he says (v. 21). There are two general categories of people; those who do the bare minimum to scrape by and those who go above and beyond to do a job well. Paul had faith in Philemon …

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Apr 23

You Can Always Do Dishes

My sister-in-law moved into our home back in February.  That makes 4 kids (8 and younger) and 3 adults in our 3 bedroom home.  Well, it was three bedroom until Ashley came and then the front living room became her bedroom!  She will be marrying a fine young man from West Kentucky on June 1st. …

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