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Jan 31

Living Knowing You Will Remember

Some truths in the Bible are just plain scary!  They need to be soberly considered. Take Jesus’ telling of the rich man and Lazarus story in Luke 16:19-31.  Christ pulls back the veil beyond the grave and allows us to see beyond it.  Lazarus, a poor beggar who suffered greatly in this life, is contrasted …

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Apr 13

One Big Thing the World Misses About God!

We hear regularly about how God is so loving and patient.  In modern American Christianity, God is extolled for his great love, patience, and kindness.  His forgiveness and mercy are trumpeted from the water cooler to the pulpit.  But for the most part, people live like they want to live, indulging in selfishness and sin, …

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Mar 03

Why You Can’t Love the Cross and Reject the Church

People love the cross; and well we should!  The cross is our only hope for boasting and pride!¹  It is through the cross of Christ that we are saved.  It is that old rugged cross that held the Savior of the world between heaven and earth to reconcile us back to God. But sadly many …

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Jan 29

No One is Above the Law!

Sheriff Mike Chitwood of Volusia County, Florida was caught by one of his own deputies going 78 mph in a 55 mph zone.  The deputy realized who he had stopped and declined to give his boss a ticket.  When the sheriff reflected on the incident and his own example, he went back to the deputy and asked …

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Sep 22

“Jesus a Friend to Sinners”: What Does It Mean?

We love the expression, “Jesus a friend to sinners.”  We have popularized it in songs and it appeals to our need of his love.  But it was originally applied by his enemies who were accusing him of sin.¹  What does this expression mean for our lives today? It does not mean . . .  Certainly …

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Mar 08

Red Letter Plan of Salvation

All of the Bible is inspired!  But some translations have indicated the words of Christ in red letters.  These are the sacred words of Jesus while he was here on earth. Do you know that you can find the plan of salvation in the words of Jesus.  While we typically use many of the passages …

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Dec 29

Uncertain Assumptions You May Be Making

We make many assumptions as we go about our days.  Most of these are not a big deal if they do not turn out as we have assumed.  Our battery may be dead, our TV show may not have recorded as we intended, but we will live. But when it comes to assumptions in the spiritual …

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Mar 24

Unlocking Your Own Jail Cell

We watch very few movies, because we never take enough time to watch a whole movie.  But we finished an interesting movie the other day called “Get Low.” with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray.  It took us three sittings to finish it, but I enjoyed the show; Amanda not as much, though she picked it. …

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Aug 14

What I Wish Everyone Knew about the Church of Christ

Most of us don’t know much about other religious groups besides our own.  For many we have only had experience with one or maybe a couple of groups.  There is much ignorance and misunderstanding about what we teach in the Church of Christ.  If I had the opportunity to share with everyone some information about …

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Jul 17

We are Isaac and Jesus is the Ram

Christians know the story of Abraham offering Isaac as a sacrifice  in Genesis 22.  We typically see the foreshadowing of Jesus in Isaac.  Isaac was the “only son” of Abraham and he willingly laid upon the wood that he carried.  The events likely happened on the mount that would one day be the area of the …

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