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Sep 06

Your Purpose Is Not About You!

You know the question!  You have asked it in various forms.  It goes like this:  What am I here for?  What is my purpose? This is a good question.  Most all of us have asked this question.  We are exploring the purpose and meaning of our existence.  But let me suggest that this is not …

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Aug 21

The Purpose of Marriage – A Haiku Deck Presentation

Check out my first Haiku Deck presentation.  A web-based mobile-platform presentation software.  For whatever reason I could not get it to embed into this page, so you will have to click the link to view.  It is just a slide show, not a video.  It takes about 30 seconds.  You can hit play for automatic …

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Apr 25

Our Purpose Must Not Come from the Created!

In the last post, I wrote that creation should cause us to glorify God.  Yet, sadly the temptation of mankind through history has been to marvel at creation and choose to worship it, instead of the Creator.   In fact, we would not be overstating it to say that man’s basic mistake comes down to …

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Apr 06

Your Life Chart

Look at the following three charts and consider which one   the Christian should adopt? Chart 1:  Your LIfe     Chart 2: Your List of Priorities Chart 3: God is the Spoke of Your Life’s Wheel     I think the third chart: “God is the spoke of Life’s Wheel” should be the chart …

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Nov 27

Life in the Kingdom

Library of Congress Image

  I chose the name “Life in the Kingdom” for this site, because it captures my purpose.  The kingdom of God has always been an intriguing topic to me.  In its essence it involves the rule or reign of God.  It has reference to the dignity and power of the King.  Jesus came and took …

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Nov 27

Why I Am Blogging!

I am finally taking the plunge.  I have thought about blogging and felt like I should blog for years now.  In fact several years back I started a WordPress.com site, but never posted the first blog.  But I have been reading blogs for years, have read some instruction on doing blogs by Michael Hyatt and …

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