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Jul 07

Finding Your Center!

We live in a world of chaos.  Our lives are like walking through a crowded mall during Christmas.  We are surrounded by stores attractively designed to grasp our attention.  Salesmen working a kiosk booth ask for a few moments of our time to sell us what we have always needed, but never knew we wanted!  …

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Feb 21

What Am I Known for Loving?

Jesus said we should be known for our love for one another.¹  The term love involves our affections, loyalty, and passions.  Jesus said that “whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”² When you put these two statements of Jesus together you are …

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Sep 07

What Does Success Cost You?

How do you define success? You have a definition.  In fact, you have some different definitions of success according to the realm of life.  For example, my mind defines success as it relates to being a preacher, father, husband, son, financially, and as a farmer now.  This definition that we have developed for success has …

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May 14

The Longing of Your Soul

For what does your soul long? I asked some teen boys that last night. They said a variety of things.  One heartbreakingly wanted his father who had passed away.  Others  said typical teen boy things like cars, college, graduation, and independence.  I am sure girls were probably a part of the list too! John writes …

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Apr 17

Curbing Our Desires, So We don’t Get Choked!

Homework, softball, soccer, basketball, 4H, Boy Scouts, Girl scouts, tennis camp, piano classes and the list goes on-and-on of activities of our kids today.   Adults are not much better.  We have housework, yard work, community service clubs, shopping, Facebook, golf, sporting events, TV shows, and Crossfit.   We are so busy!  An herein lies one …

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Mar 20

What Do We Really Value?

“Ichabod” Now that is a name for you!  You likely thought of the character Ichabod Crane in the fictional classic “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow” by Washington Irving.  He was a skinny schoolteacher who loved to gorge himself on food and was excessively superstitious. Yet the name is actually a Biblical name.  It is only …

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Apr 14

Are You More Focused on “Being” or “Doing”?

What have you done this week? What will you do next week? What have you accomplished in your last 10 years? What have you done in your life? We are a people focused on “doing.” This is often to our downfall. We get so wrapped up in what we are doing, or are going to …

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Jan 03

Choosing to Cheat

Andy Stanley wrote a book originally entitled Choosing to Cheat.  It was re-released last year under the title When Work and Family Collide.   This is a great little book that works on the premise that somebody is going to  get cheated from the time, attention, or devotion that they feel they deserve.  Typically this sets …

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