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Jun 25

Being a Great Dad Like the Prodigal’s Father

The story of the prodigal son is one of the most famous parables of Jesus (Luke 15:11-32).  It beautifully and simply portrays the love God has for his wayward children.  The father, who represents God in the story, takes center stage displaying love, forgiveness, and parental wisdom.  In studying this story, I noticed six lessons …

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Jun 20

New Issues for Today’s Parents

Parenting has always been tough.  Great Biblical heroes struggled to be good parents.  David was a great king and psalmist but failed in numerous ways as a parent.  Samuel and Eli both had rebellious sons who brought shame to their legacy.  Jesus even pictures God the Father as having a rebellious son in the parable …

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Mar 20

Dealing with Information Overload

Do you ever leave a great class feeling worse about yourself than when it began?  The speaker didn’t want to communicate this message, but they presented such material that it overwhelms you! Being a preacher, I can feel like this sometimes when I go to a lectureship or conference.  The speakers do a good job and …

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Mar 11

The Choice of Faith

Why do some believe and others do not? That sounds like an academic question to be debated in a philosophy of religion class until it is your child who does not believe.  You raised them to believe.  You taught them the truth and made sure they were a part of the church.  But they don’t …

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Feb 10

Some Simple Ways to Create a Healthy Self-Image in Your Kids

Helping to build a healthy self-image within your children is a big concern for many parents today.  While it can be difficult to find the balance between building a healthy self-esteem and simply spoiling your child by focusing on their happiness here are some suggestions.  I would welcome others you may have in the comments. …

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Nov 01

What the World Will Not Teach Your Children

**For an audio sermon on this topic preached on November 1, 2015 see the Audio Resources page.

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Sep 22

Kids and Baptism: My Thoughts after Baptizing Our Son!

I often get to talk to parents and kids about baptism.  I try to give the best spiritual counsel and direction to the kids and parents as a I can.  The questions generally center around the child’s readiness to be baptized.  But things are somewhat different when you are the parent, as  I experienced over …

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Aug 16

10 Lessons on Parenting from a Small Family Farm

Adam Faughn, a fellow blogger and preacher, asked me to write a guest post for his site A Legacy of Faith.  He assigned the interesting topic of “10 Lessons on Parenting from a Small Family Farm.” Adam wrote a post for me this past week on “3 Ways To Turn Off Guests at Worship.” Check …

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Jul 01

Distinguishing Between Safe and Killer Mushrooms at Home

I don’t like mushrooms, while my wife loves mushrooms.  To me all mushrooms are bad and avoid my mouth.  But did you know that many mushrooms are poisonous?  A couple of types can even cause certain death.  The death sounded awful and excruciating too!  So not all mushrooms are the same.  If you were to …

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Jun 03

Raising Boys into Men

I give a lot of thought to how to raise my boys.  I am blessed with three sons; currently aged 10,5, and 2.  I am also the tender father to an 8 year old little girl who the boys argue is treated differently than them by dad!  I say she deserves it, because she is much sweeter! …

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