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Dec 12

Finding Peace All Year!

One of the most cited Bible verses this time of year is Luke 2:14, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”  The verse records the message of the angels at the birth of Christ.  Our culture emphasizes peace each Christmas, but as Christians we should have peace in …

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Dec 21

Anxious? Consider What You Are Thinking About!

Anxiety is common to all of us.  We have worries and stress because of life!  The Bible tells us many things about how to control our anxiety and worries.  It can affect us physically and spiritually.  It will rob our joy and even replace God in our lives.  Satan can use it to keep us …

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May 27

Keeping It Positive in the Strawberry Patch

It is an annual tradition of our family to go pick strawberries.  We go each year to a place near the Kentucky/Tennessee border.  The kids always enjoy going and have gotten good at picking them.  We try to make it fun by creating a contest to see who can pick the biggest strawberry and the …

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Dec 27

Reducing the Noise!

In the last post I explored mind-food.  We have to manage our mind-food and it is very difficult in this world today with so many distractions.  One of my friends made me laugh with this tweet over the holidays:   Sid Gray ‏@sidgray Let’s not forget what the holidays are for: gathering around the table with …

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Dec 26

Mind-Food Diet for the New Year

It is dieting time!!  I plan on cutting back  after eating so much food over the holidays.  Many others will start dieting in January.  Sadly, far too few consider what they put into their mind like they do their body.   Christians are to manage our mind-food more carefully than our physical food (Phil. 4:8, …

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