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May 25

7 Biblical Principles Not About Marriage That Will Transform Your Marriage

So often when we study the Bible regarding marriage we look to the classic texts.  Passages like Genesis 2, Matthew 19, and Ephesians 5. Those are great texts on the topic, but the whole Bible shares principles that are helpful for this most foundational of all relationships.  Here are seven Bible principles I have chosen …

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Apr 30

10 Simple Ways to Show Your Wife You Choose Her!

This is a post for all you guys out there!  I know most of you rarely read a blog post.  But I am glad you are reading this, even if you are just doing it because she told you too! It is hard to stay focused on being a husband!  We are selfish with all of …

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Feb 13

4 Moments That Help Make a Marriage

Like a car engine needs oil to run, so the moving parts do not create lots of friction and melt down, so a marriage with all of its stress needs lots of love to keep it from burning down. Love needs to be expressed daily to maintain the strong vibes and positive feelings between spouses. …

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Nov 16

8 Challenges of Being a Preacher’s Wife

In an earlier post I wrote about six challenges church leaders must face.  Number two on that list was the role of the preacher’s wife.  I promised to do a separate post discussing the unique role and challenge the preacher’s wife faces.  These thoughts come from a lecture series I did at Polishing the Pulpit …

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Oct 30

Pre-Marital Sex: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Privilege without Commitment!

Sex is a privilege, not a right!  We are created sexual beings that have a desire for sexual gratification.¹  But it is not a right.  God intended for us to enjoy the privilege of sex when we make the commitment in marriage to another person.²  When sex becomes a part of a relationship outside of marriage …

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Oct 27

Book Review – Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages

Shaunti Feldhahn is a researcher and author on marriage.  She, along with her husband, have written numerous books on the subject.  Her best-selling work was For Women Only and its partner volume For Men Only.  She is noted for her analytical and statistical approach to the study of marriage and family.  She brings a unique …

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Aug 10

The Difference Jesus Makes in Your Marriage

  — These six characteristics were taken from the book pictured – The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages. You can also listen to this sermon in the Audio Resources page.

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Jun 24

How We Can Save Marriage!

Here are some things we are doing in the church today to save marriage. Marriage sermons Marriage classes Marriage seminars Marriage counseling Marriage mentoring Marriage small-gropus Pre-martial counseling Marriage books Marriage retreats We have tremendous resources available now to save marriage and build families.  There are great books that you can find to teach you …

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May 22

5 Steps to Ensure You Don’t Have an Affair

To listen to the sermon preached on this topic please visit this link. Also, these points are not original to me, but were a collection of thoughts gained from others.

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May 11

Church Leadership and Marriage Survey

I am speaking this August at Polishing the Pulpit on church leadership and marriage.  I would like as many church leaders and their WIVES too to fill out this survey.  It is for all ministers, youth ministers, elders, deacons, and their wives.  It only takes a few minutes.  I would appreciate your help in sharing …

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