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Jan 07

A Cardiologist Models Christ-like Service

A few weeks ago, I was visiting some close friends and church members in the emergency room.  The brother had symptoms connected with heart problems, following a recent surgery.  An ambulance was called and they were receiving care.  The ER doctor wanted them to see a cardiologist.  The nurse was telling us about the cardiologist …

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Dec 07

Win Championships By Having Good Practices!

I am not a New England Patriots fan.  I have always cheered against them in the big games.  But I must admit they have been extremely successful.  While Belichick has his flaws and detractors, I really appreciated the attitude behind this answer yesterday (12-6-17). Question from reporter: “With all you have accomplished in your coaching …

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Jun 01

Have We Turned Shepherds into Fences?

The Bible speaks often about shepherds.  God is the Shepherd of Israel, who is the flock of His pasture (Ps. 23; 95).  Jesus describes himself as the “good shepherd” who knows his sheep and leads them to an abundant life (John 10).  Elders or overseers of the church are described in the New Testament as …

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May 23

Considering Past, Present, and Future Leaders!

The magnificent book of Hebrews is drawing to a close.  But before the writer puts down his pen, he offers three instructions for  Christians and their leaders.  In studying these instructions, I noticed that you can make application for three time stages.  Please consider your relationship to each of these leaders you have had in …

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Oct 09

Feeding the Problems and Starving the Star Performers in the Church

Mark Sanborn wrote about the extraordinary service of Fred the Postman in his best-selling book The Fred Factor in 2004.  The book tells about Fred’s generosity and commitment to excellence in the midst of normalcy.  The book encourages people to be a Fred.  The real Fred Shea gained some recognition from the book, but has …

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Oct 15

Our Legacy: Words or Actions?

Gideon, the great deliverer and judge of Israel, said the right thing!  Gideon said, “I will not rule over you and my son will not rule over you, the Lord will rule over you” (Judges 8:23).  The people wanted to make him king after his great victory, but he refused. He pointed the people to …

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Oct 07

Don’t Limit God By Limiting Yourself!

“I just don’t think I can do that!” “Well, I am too busy to add that to my life.” “You can find someone who will do better, I don’t feel qualified to do it.”  “I am not a very good teacher.” Have you heard any of these lines before?  Have you said them?  While there …

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Feb 06

Leadership, Position, and Influence in the Church

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence–nothing more, nothing less.”¹  A leader is able to influence others to follow his course.  In a world filled with competition and desire for influence, we often believe that position gives influence. We aspire to a position, believing it will give us influence.  While there is some truth to this …

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Oct 31

Which Type of Leader Are You? A King or a Shepherd

I want you to consider two words used in the Old Testament for leader or ruler.  The Hebrew word nagid is often translated ruler, prince, or leader.  The Hebrew word melek is translated as king.  Often these are used synomous for a leader or king. Nagid is sometimes used for a leader, ruler, or prince …

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Oct 22

The Character of George Washington

Author’s Note:  The following is a much longer post than I typically write, but I think it well worth your time to read.  I wrote this article for the June 2009 issue of Think Magazine.  George Washington has long been a personal hero.  The below article shares one of my favorite stories from his life. …

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