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Aug 03

School Supply Reminders!

It is back-to-school time in our area. The many activities and loose schedules of summer are replaced with the rhythm and schedule of school.  Many parents have been purchasing school supplies for their kids.  The kids are excited about new items.  As kids return to school, I would like to give them some reminders of …

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Jul 09

Austin and Brooke’s PGA Junior League Golf

We are having fun playing golf this summer.  Our two oldest children, Austin and Brooke are playing in a league.  They play in matches or games that involve our team playing another team.  They pair up into two man scramble teams and take on two players from the other team.  They have done well.  I …

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Apr 20

Caleb Keeps Some Great Time While Leading His Song

You will have to ignore my loud voice at the start of this song, but this is so adorable of Caleb leading his song at Lads to Leaders this last weekend.  He has watched his brothers and sister move their arms at home and wants to be like them!  

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Apr 18

Is he good or bad?

Amanda is teaching the kids about the Civil Rights movement and segregation in the South.  They are reading a historical fiction children’s book about Birmingham in 1963.  To accompany this study we watched a documentary yesterday made in 1997 called “4 Little Girls” about the 16th Street Baptist church of Birmingham bombing that killed four …

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Nov 30

VidAngel – A Great Family Entertainment Resource

I have wanted to write about VidAngel for several months.  VidAngel is a great online streaming movie service that allows you to filter the content of the movies.  That’s right, you can take out foul language, sex scenes, violence, and other inappropriate content.  You get to choose what content you want to take out before …

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Jun 29

Farm Report # 8: Living at the Farm!

We moved to our new home on the farm in December.  Living at the farm has made it much easier to take care of the animals and land. Though, we have been surprised with how much mud, dirt, and dust there is when living on the farm!  I haven’t given a farm report since October, …

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Apr 06

Brooke’s Song

Brooke turned 9 today!  We can’t believe she is growing so fast.  Just a short time ago I wrote about her being six. Brooke is a vibrant, full-of-life, sweet, smiling, little girl.  This story captures why we are so proud of Brooke and her demeanor in life as well. Brooke competed in the Lads-to-Leaders and …

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Mar 29

“You Are the Trophy”

Austin, my 11 year old son, was disappointed at not placing in his speech competition at Lads-to-Leaders.  He rocked his speech!  He delivered it the best he had ever done.  He felt really good about it.  He enjoyed the lesson, put his heart out there, and felt like he would get a trophy. He understood …

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Feb 10

Some Simple Ways to Create a Healthy Self-Image in Your Kids

Helping to build a healthy self-image within your children is a big concern for many parents today.  While it can be difficult to find the balance between building a healthy self-esteem and simply spoiling your child by focusing on their happiness here are some suggestions.  I would welcome others you may have in the comments. …

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Jan 08

How A Load of Trash Spoke Love

As you likely know we have recently moved into our new home.  The inside is mostly settled, but the outside has still be filled with trash from the construction.  Boards, siding, bricks, cardboard, and paint cans littered the yard.  Add on top of this all of the outdoor items from our old house like a …

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