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Nov 09

Do You Want to Be Made Well?

One day Jesus was walking by the pool of Bethesda, which was surrounded by various invalids.  He met one man who had not been able to walk for 38 years.  When Jesus saw him there by the pool, which was believed to have miraculous powers if you could be the first to get in the …

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Nov 05

Missing the Lord for the Crowd

Zaccheus, a man small in stature, knew the Lord was passing by him this day in Jericho.  But he was small in stature and could not see him because of the bustling crowd.  So he famously climbed up in a Sycamore tree, and the Lord noticed him and chose to dine at his home (Luke …

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Oct 24

The Holy Spirit’s Purpose was to Glorify Jesus

It seems that some churches major in the Spirit.  Their worship services focus on manifestations of the Spirit.  They claim to speak in tongues and seek for the Spirit to come into their services in a powerful and miraculous way.  Faith-healers claim they can heal the sick and give sight to the blind through the …

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Oct 19

Keeping Demons Out!

When we are motivated we can accomplish a tremendous amount.  The old saying is true, “When there is a why, there is a way.”  I have seen it many times in my ministry.  Someone has a strong reason for getting their life in order; it may be to save their marriage, or avoid trouble with …

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Sep 27

How Jesus Handled Offending Others

Is it me or does it seem that everyone is offended nowadays?  People are offended by all kinds of things from decorations to beliefs.  While we are all entitled to our own opinions and right to be offended, it sure seems to me that it has gotten out of hand.  “I am offended!” has become …

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Sep 19

Jesus Cares When . . .

Hurricanes are destroying our cities!  Cancer is ruining our health and stressing our families.  Mental illness issues are plaguing our communities.  Churches are struggling with discord and division.  In the midst of these trials we must remember God invites us to cast all our care upon him because he cares for us (1 Pet. 5:7). …

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Mar 03

Why You Can’t Love the Cross and Reject the Church

People love the cross; and well we should!  The cross is our only hope for boasting and pride!¹  It is through the cross of Christ that we are saved.  It is that old rugged cross that held the Savior of the world between heaven and earth to reconcile us back to God. But sadly many …

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Feb 21

What Am I Known for Loving?

Jesus said we should be known for our love for one another.¹  The term love involves our affections, loyalty, and passions.  Jesus said that “whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”² When you put these two statements of Jesus together you are …

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Feb 15

God and Patterns

God likes patterns and repetition.  I have started thinking about this again since teaching the book of Joshua this quarter.  The children of Israel go through a similar intentional pattern as their forefathers did when they left Egypt. They renew the covenant, cross the Jordan river on dry ground, circumcise the men, and God speaks …

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Feb 01

What I have Learned about Sheep and Myself!

I have had sheep on the farm since 2014.  We started with two ewes and a ram.  We have an unusual breed of hair sheep called Barbados Blackbelly Sheep.  They are very skittish and flighty.  They aren’t your cute cuddly version of sheep.  We raise them for the meat, which tastes very good.  We recently …

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