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Jan 24

This is a Time For . . . (Thoughts on Marshall County School Shooting)

The school is only 30 miles from my home.  Surely such a terrible act could not happen so close to my home.  This is Western Kentucky.  This is rural America.  We have lots of churches and strong religious values.  Yet, it happened here on Tuesday, January 23rd.  A school shooting that took the lives of …

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Mar 03

Your New Normal: What To Do When There is Nothing You Can Do!

I recently preached a series at 7 Oaks we called “Your New Normal.”  The series was taken primarily from a series of lessons originally done by Andy Stanley called “In the Meantime.”  My friend, Wes Hazel shared these lessons with me and his version of them as well. This series was well-received at 7 Oaks. …

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Jan 13

The “Why?” is Answered in the “Yet”

We live in a world with a tremendous amount of suffering. With social media and global news services informing us daily of the trials and tribulations of others.  Another family lost a precious child, another mother gets breast cancer, a drunk driver kills an innocent motorist robbing a family of a father.  Natural disasters strike …

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Aug 19

Who Needs Encouragement to Wait on Jesus?

In the last post I wrote about Jesus being Lord, though our world is messed up! In this post, I want to follow with a thought on who needs encouragement to wait on Jesus in hope! The New Testament writers often encouraged us to wait on Jesus in hope.  We get so wrapped up in …

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Aug 18

Jesus is Lord, Even Though Our World is Messed Up!

Though the Apostles and early Christians were a persecuted lot who endured difficult times, they were bold and courageous.  They lived like they knew a secret and held a conviction that others did not!  Their motivation was the belief that “Jesus is Lord.”  This is the message that they proclaimed on Pentecost.  It is the …

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Dec 18

The Snakes Kept On Biting

Why? The three-letter word question that haunts many hearts of Christians.  We wonder why must I endure such suffering, heartache, or pain.  We question the love of God and decry the world He created. In Numbers 21, God sent poisonous snakes amongst the people because they complained about the food and water that God provided. …

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Sep 30

Hope: A Lesson from the Blueberry Patch

I love blueberries.  Amanda loves the health qualities and taste of blueberries.  So when she ran across blueberries discounted to closeout prices at Tractor Supply she could not pass them up.  She bought them for $.49 a piece when they are normally $5 or $6 dollars in the Spring.  She read about planting them in …

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Aug 04

Losing Faith and Hope

A few years back I read the book Tiger Force which tells the horrible tell of a Vietnam special forces platoon that because of poor leadership, little supervision, and hatred committed numerous war crimes on innocent villagers.  They did horrible acts like killing innocent civilians, murdering babies, and raping women.  This quote from the book …

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