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Jun 20

New Issues for Today’s Parents

Parenting has always been tough.  Great Biblical heroes struggled to be good parents.  David was a great king and psalmist but failed in numerous ways as a parent.  Samuel and Eli both had rebellious sons who brought shame to their legacy.  Jesus even pictures God the Father as having a rebellious son in the parable …

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Oct 03

Boxtrolls – A New Cartoon with a Homosexual Agenda

The new release PG-rated cartoon Boxtrolls has a clear message, “Families come in all shapes and sizes.”  It is about an orphaned child who is raised by boxtrolls.  It is made by the same production company, Laika, which introduced the first openly gay cartoon character in ParaNorman.  The trailer for the movie is pretty blunt …

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Aug 20

My Thoughts on Banning Gay Conversion Therapy

N.J. Governor Chris Christie signed into law yesterday a ban on “gay conversion therapy” or as sometimes called “reparative therapy” (source).  This legislation, which has already been enacted by California, makes it illegal for counselors to try to change the sexual orientation of a minor individual.  Two other states,  Massachusetts and New York, have bills …

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May 03

Homosexuality: Not Something to Joke About

A Story A group of college students were hanging out in the student center at a Christian school.  They were laughing and having a good time.  Talking as boys often do about girls.  A comment was made about one of the boys being good looking, which is why he gets the girls.  To which one …

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May 01

How the Normalization of Homosexuality is Harming Our Kids

Our culture is shooting itself in the foot! We don’t realize the spiritual and moral depravity we are bringing upon ourselves with our present actions. Homosexual advocates have succeeding in winning a cultural war for acceptance and approval.  They have persuaded our present generation to accept homosexuality and gay marriage as “normal.”  One of the …

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Apr 30

A Christian and Homosexuality

Homosexuality is in the news again.  With the NBA player Jason Collins coming out as gay to tremendous fanfare and encouragement by National leaders, fellow players, and the news media.  A controversy has already erupted with an ESPN analyst who has issued an apology and clarification because he called homosexuality a sin and acting in …

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