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Aug 21

The End of Total Solar Eclipses!

Today is the day of first Total Eclipse to travel the length of the United States since 1918.  Eclipses where you live are rare events.  Researches who have studied the orbits of the earth and moon believe the moon is moving 3.8 centimeters away from the earth each year. The effect of such movement means …

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Nov 13

Heaven: It is not about the What, but the Who!

This past Sunday I was scheduled to preach on “What will heaven be like?”  As I began preparing for this study.  I wanted to focus on some texts besides Revelation 21-22.  Revelation 21-22 are a highly symbolic description of heaven, that should not be stretched beyond the context of Revelation.  As I began to study …

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May 18

Heaven will be a Place of . . . .

I was thinking about heaven and these thoughts came to my mind.  I hope they spur your thoughts of heaven.  Feel free to share your thoughts or questions with me. Heaven will be a place free from money.  We lay up our treasures in heaven, but it is not monetary treasures (Mat. 6:19-21).  In heaven, …

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