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Jul 09

Austin and Brooke’s PGA Junior League Golf

We are having fun playing golf this summer.  Our two oldest children, Austin and Brooke are playing in a league.  They play in matches or games that involve our team playing another team.  They pair up into two man scramble teams and take on two players from the other team.  They have done well.  I …

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Jun 15

Living with No Regrets

  I follow professional golf pretty closely.  During Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial tournament some interesting comments were made that have me to thinking. Jack Nicklaus considered the greatest golfer of all-time because of his 18 career Major wins, said, “”I think I underachieved all my life.” Nicklaus said Wednesday at the Memorial. ”I think that’s why …

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Apr 12

Our Masters Trip

I wanted to share some pictures from our trip to Augusta National golf course on Tuesday of the Masters week.  I love watching and playing golf when I can. My oldest son, Austin, shares this passion and he actually has a game to go with it.  He was so excited to go and did so …

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May 04

Dealing with Failure: A lesson from Golf!

I love golf.  I am not playing as much this year with the farm, but I still love the game.  I follow the pro game weekly and watch it when I can.  Austin loves golf.  Brooke and Landon enjoy it too and are just getting started with the game.  Austin and Brooke will start a …

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