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Jan 16

Reflections on Snow and Our Sins

Our community has experienced a significant snow fall this past week.  Before the snow began falling my farm was a muddy mess.  We had received lots of rain and the yard was soft and muddy.  The barn lot was filthy with animals plodding around sinking in mud.  But then the snow hit.  The snow covered …

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Sep 08

Letting Go of the Junk in Your Truck!

Here is my true parable for you: I had trouble letting go of a small blow-up water trampoline!  It wasn’t that I loved the trampoline or had lots of special memories associated with the trampoline; no it was because it represented a mistake I made!  The trampoline was purchased for the kids to use in …

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Jun 15

Living with No Regrets

  I follow professional golf pretty closely.  During Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial tournament some interesting comments were made that have me to thinking. Jack Nicklaus considered the greatest golfer of all-time because of his 18 career Major wins, said, “”I think I underachieved all my life.” Nicklaus said Wednesday at the Memorial. ”I think that’s why …

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Mar 24

Unlocking Your Own Jail Cell

We watch very few movies, because we never take enough time to watch a whole movie.  But we finished an interesting movie the other day called “Get Low.” with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray.  It took us three sittings to finish it, but I enjoyed the show; Amanda not as much, though she picked it. …

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Feb 02

Russell Wilson Won’t Be Defined by 1 Moment and You Shouldn’t Either

Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, came to a key crossroads in his life over the last 24 hours after losing the Super Bowl when he threw a goal line interception in the final minute.  He had led his team down the field and they were within 1 yard of scoring a touchdown. …

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Mar 02

The Past Shapes You, But Should Not Define You

The separated couple were talking to me.  He said, “She never thinks I am good enough or believes in me!”  She replied, “I believe in him, I am just disappointed with his actions.  He fails by making poor decisions, and then blames it on me not believing in him.  He lives with a chip on …

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Jan 30

Forgiveness #3 – The Benefits of Forgiving

This is the third part of three posts on forgiveness.  This section focuses on the benefits of forgiveness.  To read the other posts see these links – Part 1 – Collecting Debt; Part 2 – A Decision of the Will Here is an audio sermon I did on the topic of forgiveness if you are …

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Jan 29

Forgiveness #2 – A Decision of the Will

This is the 2nd of 3 posts on forgiveness.  You can read the first post which introduced the topic here.  This is the most important post of the three and offers, I think, some unique thoughts on forgiveness and considers it in ways not normally considered.  Give it a read and let me know what you …

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Jan 28

Forgiveness #1 – Collecting Debt

A year ago, I wrote a chapter about forgiveness for a potential book.  This study was fascinating to me and was very beneficial.  I was greatly helped in this study by the aid of Jim Savage, a local mentor and counselor.  I do not know when or if this chapter will be printed, so I wanted to …

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