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Aug 02

Small-Thing Faithfulness!

We admire the big-thing faithfulness. We laud it in decade anniversary celebrations, 40-year retirement parties, and in funeral eulogies about the person’s lifelong faithfulness to Christ.  Big-thing faithfulness is what all of us want and desire.  Christians want to be faithful until death (Rev. 2:10).  People get married intending to celebrate a 50th anniversary one …

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May 02

Faith is Trusting in the Unseen Promises of God!

What is faith?  We hear the term faith used so very much today.  From discussions about different types of faith to ones’ personal faith.  The term certainly has different meanings depending upon context and usage.  But a basic understanding of the term is needed to cut through the chaos.  Recently, I have been studying the …

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Mar 08

Let’s Allow Other Christians to Express their Convictions!

In our social media world it seems Christians are always debating each other in the public sphere.  While there can be some good in open dialogue, when done with a critical spirit it harms the cause of Christ. It discourages Christians and shows discord within the faith of Christ. The latest topic is Disney’s Beauty …

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Feb 28

Am I Really a Fan?

I am a Los Angeles Laker’s fan.  That is what I claim, but don’t test my fan prowess!  No riddling me with questions like these:  Who are their starters this year?  What is their record?  Are they going to make the playoffs? But I am a fan of the Lakers.  I know all of their …

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Dec 06

The Tragedy of Running Out of Fuel!

All tragedy is sorrowful and heart-wrenching, but it seems especially such when it could have been avoided.  The loss of 71 lives in the crash of a chartered airline carrying a Brazilian soccer team to Bogota, Columbia is so terrible because it certainly could have been avoided.  The Wall-Street Journal ran an article about the …

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Oct 12

New Thoughts on Old Sacrifices

I am teaching a Wednesday night Bible class on the Old Law.  This week we are studying the sacrificial system.  We are all familiar with the foreshadowing of Christ in the sacrificial system.  But here are a few fresh thoughts I have from looking at this in an in-depth manner.  (I am not going to …

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Aug 02

It is Just a Little Creek!

We just returned from vacation in Colorado.  It was a wonderful time.  We visited the Rocky Mountain National Park on Friday, July 29th.  We were walking to this historic site when we crossed this creek. This creek looks very ordinary and small.  You wouldn’t think much about it, except to observe its natural beauty as …

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May 05

Your Generation’s Faith May Delay God’s Judgment

America is growing more wicked! It is likely that judgment may come to this once great nation in the future.  I am not a doomsday prophet, or one who seeks to be overly dramatic.  But the sins of America will have consequences.  The more we flaunt our sin before a holy God, turning our backs …

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Mar 11

The Choice of Faith

Why do some believe and others do not? That sounds like an academic question to be debated in a philosophy of religion class until it is your child who does not believe.  You raised them to believe.  You taught them the truth and made sure they were a part of the church.  But they don’t …

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Mar 03

Your New Normal: What To Do When There is Nothing You Can Do!

I recently preached a series at 7 Oaks we called “Your New Normal.”  The series was taken primarily from a series of lessons originally done by Andy Stanley called “In the Meantime.”  My friend, Wes Hazel shared these lessons with me and his version of them as well. This series was well-received at 7 Oaks. …

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