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Jul 12

How The Church Should Be a Human Chain!

On Saturday evening July 9th, 10 people had been pulled 100 yards off the shore of Panama City Beach.  A riptide had separated these individuals from the shore and was threatening them with drowning.  Some of the ten were adults who had gone trying to rescue two young boys and got pulled into the riptide …

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Jun 22

The Benefits of an In-State Mission Trip!

I preach for the Seven Oaks Church of Christ in Mayfield, Kentucky.  Kentucky has several counties that have only one church of Christ.  Now that my kids are getting older, I wanted to lead a group, with the help of my wife, to one of these congregations this year to preach a meeting and hold …

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Jan 04

Scratching Your Spiritual Itch!

Americans are growing less religious, but more spiritual.  This may, at first, seem like a contradiction. But surveys are indicating that while attendance and membership with religious bodies are decreasing,  spiritually, which relates to feelings of peace, wonder, and well-being are on the rise.¹  In America, with our predominantly Christian based culture, this has often been …

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Oct 19

Assume Sincerity

I attended the Better Conference back in September.  There was a round table discussion with five of our most respected and successful preachers.  All were veterans with ministry experience of 40-60 years.  They were discussing various ministry topics when a question was asked about how to handle those of other Christian faiths. One brother said …

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Mar 01

How The Bible is Like a Puzzle

When most people refer to the Bible as a puzzle they are talking about its mystery and difficulty, but I like to refer to it as a puzzle to illustrate how we come to  understand it. When studying with seekers who have little experience with the Bible, I like to refer them to putting together …

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Aug 12

3 Ways to Turn Off Guests at Worship

Guest Post Introduction:  Adam Faughn This is a Guest Post by a fellow blogger Adam Faughn.  Adam has been blogging for many years and does an excellent job.  You can read his blog as well as other family members’ posts at their site “A Legacy of Faith.”  Check out their website as they have all …

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Jun 30

Evangelism: What is at Stake?

Evangelism is not optional!  We as Christians focus on the reasons people are not responding.  We defeat ourselves before Satan even has to by our negative self-talk.  We come up with the reasons why we cannot evangelize.  But we must realize what is at stake with our choice to evangelize! 1. The Blood of Christ!  Jesus …

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May 13

How One Church Had Success with a Gospel Meeting

This is a special guest post by my friend Mark Ray.  Mark preaches at the Benton Church of Christ in Benton Kentucky.  He is the author of a book on marriage I am teaching now and recommend for your use.  He also has a web presence at www.markdray.wordpress.com.  He has lots of excellent resources on …

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Feb 24

The Church is Not About You!

Often the church’s sells pitch today to church-lookers  focuses on all the church can do for them. Come here because we have an active youth program, daycare ministry, a wonderful preacher who gives challenging, practical sermons, great music, and great small groups ministry where you can make lots of friends. This is what our consumer-driven …

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Apr 23

How Churches Can Use Easter Sunday

Easter is a celebrated holiday in the American culture.  It has lots of traditions built around it that families enjoy like Easter Egg hunts, family meals, and eating candy!  It is not a commanded holiday for Christians. Christians are to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, not only on Easter, but everyday (See my post on …

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