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Jun 01

Have We Turned Shepherds into Fences?

The Bible speaks often about shepherds.  God is the Shepherd of Israel, who is the flock of His pasture (Ps. 23; 95).  Jesus describes himself as the “good shepherd” who knows his sheep and leads them to an abundant life (John 10).  Elders or overseers of the church are described in the New Testament as …

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May 23

Considering Past, Present, and Future Leaders!

The magnificent book of Hebrews is drawing to a close.  But before the writer puts down his pen, he offers three instructions for  Christians and their leaders.  In studying these instructions, I noticed that you can make application for three time stages.  Please consider your relationship to each of these leaders you have had in …

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Feb 06

Leadership, Position, and Influence in the Church

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence–nothing more, nothing less.”¹  A leader is able to influence others to follow his course.  In a world filled with competition and desire for influence, we often believe that position gives influence. We aspire to a position, believing it will give us influence.  While there is some truth to this …

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May 29

How to Get Your Elders to Say “Yes” – Part 2

I am sharing 7 steps to get your elders to say “Yes” to your proposal.  In the previous post we shared the first three steps. Step 1: Keep the overall good and goals of the church as priority. Step 2: Don’t wear out your welcome. Step 3: Prepare thoroughly and have it in writing. Now …

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May 28

How to Get Your Elders to Say “Yes” – Pt. 1

Michael Hyatt wrote three posts on how to get your boss to say “yes” in the marketplace (see links in footnote).  These posts have been successful for him and helpful to many.  I wanted to take these concepts, and some of my own thoughts, and write a couple of posts as well.  Before sharing my …

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Mar 10

Obama Didn’t Kill Osama bin Laden the SEAL Team Did

I am listening to the book No Easy Day by Mark Owen which tells the first-hand account of the mission that killed Osama bin Laden.  In chapter 11 of the book the author tells how the SEALS were discussing the expected results of a successful raid on bin Laden.  These highly trained soldiers, who had …

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