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Nov 27

The World’s Inconsistent Message on Sex

Our culture is sending so many mixed messages. Each day contains a story about sexual misconduct. Another high profile leader is accused of inappropriate actions toward a woman.  In worse stories, extra-marital affairs or tales involving prostitutes are sadly all too common.  The politically correct view is to condemn these  inappropriate acts. The world demands …

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Oct 04

The “Why” is Answered in the Absurdity of Evil!

Are you shaking your head in disbelief?  Mass shootings seem to be a weekly news item.  On September 24th, peaceful worshippers of Christ were assaulted as they were ending their service at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee.  One lady was killed and six others were injured.  The carnage would have been …

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Sep 27

How Jesus Handled Offending Others

Is it me or does it seem that everyone is offended nowadays?  People are offended by all kinds of things from decorations to beliefs.  While we are all entitled to our own opinions and right to be offended, it sure seems to me that it has gotten out of hand.  “I am offended!” has become …

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Aug 30

Speaking for Those Who Can Only Cry

Abortion is not the only problem Christians should be speaking out against when it concerns the womb.  There is another epidemic increasing rapidly across our nation, that most Christians rarely encounter.  It is not as severe as abortion in numbers or consequences, but our faith should demand us speak to this issue of pre-natal development …

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Mar 24

Christian Families and Youth Sports (pt. 3)

Part one in this series deal with the impact youth sports is having upon families and the church.  In part two I discussed highlights from Mike Matheny’s book on youth sports.  In this third and final post I desire to share some of my own suggestions for dealing with youth sports as a Christian parent. …

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Mar 23

Christian Families and Youth Sports (pt. 2)

In part one I discussed the impact of youth sports upon families and how we must seek to manage our involvement with sports.  All of these thoughts I am sharing found their stimulus in Mike Matheny’s book The Matheny Manifesto.  Mike is the current manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.  The book was excellent.  It …

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Mar 21

Christian Families and Youth Sports (pt. 1)

I want to release three posts on the topic: This one (part 1) on the importance of considering how we handle youth sports. A second part sharing some highlights from Mike Matheny’s book on the topic. And a third post with some suggestions I would like to make to families.  So join me in reading …

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Jun 01

How Transgender Bathroom Rules Are Flushing Our Youth

  {NOTE:  I wrote this article for an upcoming THINK magazine on Transgender issues.} On May 13, 2016, President Obama did what was considered unthinkable just a couple of years ago.  He, along with Education and Justice Department officials, issued a letter urging school officials to accommodate transgender students by allowing them to use the …

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Apr 07

Learning From History about Terrorism

History is a wonderful source of helping us better understand the present.  We would do well to be informed and aware of the history of Western nations with Islamic extremists and nations. I am reading Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger.  This book details a little known war during …

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Jan 18

Has Country Music Gone Drunk and Party Crazy?

I grew up listening to country music.  While I was driving a tractor though the summer it was a big chunk of my listening. I still listen to it some, but overall our family’s radio dial isn’t on country music anymore. One of the biggest complaints I have is the amount of songs that focus on …

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