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Jun 01

Have We Turned Shepherds into Fences?

The Bible speaks often about shepherds.  God is the Shepherd of Israel, who is the flock of His pasture (Ps. 23; 95).  Jesus describes himself as the “good shepherd” who knows his sheep and leads them to an abundant life (John 10).  Elders or overseers of the church are described in the New Testament as …

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May 23

Considering Past, Present, and Future Leaders!

The magnificent book of Hebrews is drawing to a close.  But before the writer puts down his pen, he offers three instructions for  Christians and their leaders.  In studying these instructions, I noticed that you can make application for three time stages.  Please consider your relationship to each of these leaders you have had in …

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Nov 10

Six Challenges Church Leaders Face

Ministers and church leaders along with their families face some unique challenges.  Here are six challenges they face and the success of their ministry is often determined with how they handle these. The fish bowl complex.  Leaders must not only face the normal trials of life, but must do it as the church looks on.  Many …

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Feb 24

The Quality that Makes a Church Leader Great!

The 7 Oaks Church of Christ has been going through the process of appointing new elders and deacons. I have thought much about church leadership during this process. Tonight, we witnessed something special at Bible study that continued to reinforce, in my mind, what makes a church leader great.   We have one brother who …

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