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Apr 28

How About a Ladies’ Night?

I am proud of our ladies at Seven Oaks.  This past Friday they held their 10th annual Ladies’ Night.  Many churches have ladies’ days, which are very effective and have their place in the church.  But our ladies wanted to do something different ten years back.  So they started a ladies’ night. Ladies love to …

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Oct 18

Emergency Workers Appreciation Night Report

This past Sunday night 7 Oaks Church of Christ honored the emergency workers of our community.  We invited all law enforcement, firemen, and EMT workers to our evening service and a meal.  We advertised on Facebook and the local paper for this event.  We personally invited many of our Emergency Workers and departments. The night …

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Jan 11

Have a Missions Class

Is your church involved in missions? When was the last time you had a Bible class studying missions? At Seven Oaks we didn’t know if we had ever had a class on missions.  We are currently having a class open for any to attend on Sunday mornings.  It is aimed at those primarily involved in …

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Jan 07

Every “ONE” Counts Ministry

In 2014, the Seven Oaks Church of Christ did a new benevolent ministry. This ministry proved successful and I wanted to share it with others.  The idea is certainly not original to us and has been done by other churches in various forms. We simply asked every individual in attendance Sunday morning to give a …

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Jun 10

We Are the Sermon Ministry

This past Sunday we completed our second “We are the Sermon” ministry.  The idea was not original to us, and certainly not complicated.  The aim of the ministry was to reach out to our community with acts of service and love.  A secondary aim is developing deeper friendships and relationships with one another as we …

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May 13

10 Ministry Ideas for Your Church This Summer

I wanted to share a list of ideas for your church to consider this summer.  This is certainly not an exhaustive list and I welcome any ideas you may have that we could use here at Seven Oaks.  You probably have heard of these before, but they may be a good reminder. Have some “Church/Eat/Church” …

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Feb 10

Church Outreach Idea: A Couples Night

[important]”Churches talk a lot about marriage and family, but this is an event that actually demonstrates the church’s care for marriages.”  Keith Parker”[/important] Keith was the guest speaker for our first ever couples night at Seven Oaks this past Saturday night.  The theme was “Keeping the Romance Alive” and it was for couples only. Despite …

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