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Apr 28

How About a Ladies’ Night?

I am proud of our ladies at Seven Oaks.  This past Friday they held their 10th annual Ladies’ Night.  Many churches have ladies’ days, which are very effective and have their place in the church.  But our ladies wanted to do something different ten years back.  So they started a ladies’ night. Ladies love to …

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Jan 04

Scratching Your Spiritual Itch!

Americans are growing less religious, but more spiritual.  This may, at first, seem like a contradiction. But surveys are indicating that while attendance and membership with religious bodies are decreasing,  spiritually, which relates to feelings of peace, wonder, and well-being are on the rise.¹  In America, with our predominantly Christian based culture, this has often been …

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Oct 18

Emergency Workers Appreciation Night Report

This past Sunday night 7 Oaks Church of Christ honored the emergency workers of our community.  We invited all law enforcement, firemen, and EMT workers to our evening service and a meal.  We advertised on Facebook and the local paper for this event.  We personally invited many of our Emergency Workers and departments. The night …

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Aug 02

It is Just a Little Creek!

We just returned from vacation in Colorado.  It was a wonderful time.  We visited the Rocky Mountain National Park on Friday, July 29th.  We were walking to this historic site when we crossed this creek. This creek looks very ordinary and small.  You wouldn’t think much about it, except to observe its natural beauty as …

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Oct 13

Where Are You on Sunday Nights?

Please take a minute and fill out this survey regarding Sunday nights.  I will help me and others as I will be sharing this information.  The survey is anonymous and is very concise.  Thanks in advance.  Help me share the survey with others too.  Thanks,  Josh          

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May 13

How One Church Had Success with a Gospel Meeting

This is a special guest post by my friend Mark Ray.  Mark preaches at the Benton Church of Christ in Benton Kentucky.  He is the author of a book on marriage I am teaching now and recommend for your use.  He also has a web presence at www.markdray.wordpress.com.  He has lots of excellent resources on …

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Apr 09

What The Church Can Learn from the Masters

We had the privilege of attending the Tuesday practice round of the 2015 Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.  It was a special day that I will share more about in an upcoming post.  It was our first time at “the National” as locals refer to the course.  While you would …

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Mar 05

What Keeps People From Coming Back to the Church?

All churches have people leave.  But it should break our hearts when people leave. It certainly does the Lord when people leave Him (Luke 15).  Yet people don’t have to remain gone!  They can come back and we should do everything we can to encourage their return to the body.  In order to do this we …

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Feb 24

The Church is Not About You!

Often the church’s sells pitch today to church-lookers  focuses on all the church can do for them. Come here because we have an active youth program, daycare ministry, a wonderful preacher who gives challenging, practical sermons, great music, and great small groups ministry where you can make lots of friends. This is what our consumer-driven …

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Jan 07

Every “ONE” Counts Ministry

In 2014, the Seven Oaks Church of Christ did a new benevolent ministry. This ministry proved successful and I wanted to share it with others.  The idea is certainly not original to us and has been done by other churches in various forms. We simply asked every individual in attendance Sunday morning to give a …

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