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Feb 06

How the Olympics Illustrate Christians!

Much of the country will be fascinated with the Winter Olympics.  My family always enjoys watching them.    Figures skating is always one of the most popular events.  Considering the various participates in figure skating, which one best illustrates you as a Christian? The Announcers – These are the experts in the field.  Their job …

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Dec 01

How the Preacher Identifies with the Same Aims as Christ

I was running one recent morning listening to the gospel of John.  The readings was from John 17, which is the text about Jesus’ prayer for his disciples.  Our Lord is very transparent in the prayer about his work on earth and his goals for HIs disciples.  He prays for his 12 disciples that he …

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Nov 17

Your Home Church Wasn’t Perfect, nor Awful!

It is Thanksgiving time and kids are coming back from college.  Good kids who have gone away to Christian schools or gotten involved in a Christian student center.  They have been exposed to other congregations.  They have experienced mission campaigns, large devotional singings, powerful preachers, and new programs.  They now look at their home congregation …

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Nov 02

The Difference in Duty and Joy

Why do you worship God?  Do you worship from a sense of duty?  We should feel a duty to worship God, after all Jesus said, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve” (Mat. 4:10).  It should eat away at our conscience when we fail at our obligation to worship, …

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Oct 18

Our Church’s Day of Prayer and Fasting

Today, Wednesday, October 18th is Seven Oak’s day of prayer and fasting.  We have done this several times over my 14 years with this congregation.  It was first started when we were involved in a new building project.back in 2005.  We did it every year for a number of years.  Then we stopped it for …

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Sep 28

Thoughts from a 55 year old Bulletin

Mrs. Ruby Sanders, a sweet widow at Seven Oaks, gave me an old bulletin from 7th and College (the location and preceding name of our church).  It was dated Dec. 9, 1962 (almost 55 years ago).  I am sure she had kept it because it announced her marriage to Laddie Sanders.  I enjoyed reading it …

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Aug 16

How We Can Eclipse the Son!

The so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken the skies across the continent on August 21st.  This is the first time in 99 years a solar eclipse has covered the continent of America.  Here in Western Kentucky we are blessed to be in the “path of totality” that will travel across the U.S.  A …

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Aug 15

Our Trip Back to Roan’s Creek

It had been five years.  Yet, when we returned it seemed like we had never left.  I held a Gospel Meeting with the Roan’s Creek Church of Christ in Clarksburg, Tennessee.  My whole family got to attend the meeting.  It was a wonderful week for us. The Roan’s Creek church traces its history back to …

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Jul 12

How The Church Should Be a Human Chain!

On Saturday evening July 9th, 10 people had been pulled 100 yards off the shore of Panama City Beach.  A riptide had separated these individuals from the shore and was threatening them with drowning.  Some of the ten were adults who had gone trying to rescue two young boys and got pulled into the riptide …

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Jul 02

Lewis: The Lamb Fearful of Sheep

Lewis is a six months old Barbados Blackbelly sheep on our farm.   His mother died when he was born.  We bottle-fed Lewis for the first two months of his life.  Lewis had a twin brother named Clark, who sadly died unexpectedly at about a month old.  Lewis is strong and healthy. But he has …

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