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Jun 01

Have We Turned Shepherds into Fences?

The Bible speaks often about shepherds.  God is the Shepherd of Israel, who is the flock of His pasture (Ps. 23; 95).  Jesus describes himself as the “good shepherd” who knows his sheep and leads them to an abundant life (John 10).  Elders or overseers of the church are described in the New Testament as …

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Mar 30

A Relationship with God Changes Everything!

Most folks don’t think of themselves as holy.  It is too much of a pure and sacred term for us sinful humans.  But God calls us to be holy in word and deed.¹  We are made holy through the cleansing blood of Jesus.  The term holy involves being distinctive and set apart from the world …

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Mar 03

Why You Can’t Love the Cross and Reject the Church

People love the cross; and well we should!  The cross is our only hope for boasting and pride!¹  It is through the cross of Christ that we are saved.  It is that old rugged cross that held the Savior of the world between heaven and earth to reconcile us back to God. But sadly many …

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Nov 22

How to Make Church Announcements Better

Announcements are legendary in churches.  You know the period of time where a man gets up and tries to share some important news for the whole church, which seems easy enough, but it is known for all types of mistakes.  The number one complaint about announcements  is that they take too long.  A second notorious …

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Nov 10

Six Challenges Church Leaders Face

Ministers and church leaders along with their families face some unique challenges.  Here are six challenges they face and the success of their ministry is often determined with how they handle these. The fish bowl complex.  Leaders must not only face the normal trials of life, but must do it as the church looks on.  Many …

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Oct 19

Assume Sincerity

I attended the Better Conference back in September.  There was a round table discussion with five of our most respected and successful preachers.  All were veterans with ministry experience of 40-60 years.  They were discussing various ministry topics when a question was asked about how to handle those of other Christian faiths. One brother said …

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Oct 09

Feeding the Problems and Starving the Star Performers in the Church

Mark Sanborn wrote about the extraordinary service of Fred the Postman in his best-selling book The Fred Factor in 2004.  The book tells about Fred’s generosity and commitment to excellence in the midst of normalcy.  The book encourages people to be a Fred.  The real Fred Shea gained some recognition from the book, but has …

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Sep 23

Group-Tipping Our Christian Duty

I don’t think anyone likes it, except the waiters, when restrauants add a mandatory percentage of tip when you are dining as a big group.  Likely the main reason for such is they have learned when people eat in big groups it requires more work from the servers and often people don’t tip like they …

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Sep 14

Drawing Faith Lines: A Lesson from Patent Shoes

We are called to live out an ancient faith in this modern world.  This means we often have to use biblical principles to make judgments about what we should and should not do in this world.  Christians often disagree on these judgements and controversy seems to surround these topics. We were discussing this idea in ladies’ …

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Sep 11

Family Vacation and Church Retreat Rolled into One

I had always thought about family vacations and church retreats being separate things.  A church retreat is usually just for a weekend get away.  It is intense and involves people spending most all of their time with church family.  It is typically within driving distance and often at some type of a camp or park. …

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