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Feb 06

How the Olympics Illustrate Christians!

Much of the country will be fascinated with the Winter Olympics.  My family always enjoys watching them.    Figures skating is always one of the most popular events.  Considering the various participates in figure skating, which one best illustrates you as a Christian? The Announcers – These are the experts in the field.  Their job …

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Nov 04

Our Duties with the Election

I don’t know if you have heard, but Tuesday is election day (sarcasm intended!).  I know many folks will be ready for the day to pass.  There is also much trepidation and concern about the future.  Let me remind you of a few of our duties as Christians that surround this day. To be good …

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Sep 06

The Who and What of Sainthood

On Sunday, September 4th, Mother Teresa was named a “saint” by the Roman Catholic church in a ceremony attended by around 200,000 people in St. Peter’s Square.  Mother Teresa died on September 5th, 1997.  She was known for her love and care to the homeless and suffering. She ministered in India and is known for …

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Nov 12

Can I Get a Witness?

  [This was an article I wrote for Think Magazine in a recent issue that focused on Christians and persecution.] For years the book of Revelation has been a hotly debated book.  Many churches neglect to study it because of its perceived and real challenges.  My belief is that Revelation will become increasingly relevant and popular again …

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Jun 18

Don’t Look Like a Goat if You are a Sheep

We have Barbados Blackbelly Sheep on the farm.  They are a breed of hair sheep.  They do not have wool like traditional sheep.  They do look very much like goats.  In fact, most everyone thinks they are goats.  Even a vet kept calling them goats. We just had a new lamb this week.  We named …

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