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May 04

Your Child is Special, But Not for the Reasons You Think!

There is an unspoken rivalry existing in our world today.  None of us want to admit it, but we all think our kid is the best.  Ask our classroom teachers and our coaches.  They run into parents weekly that have a distorted view of reality when it comes to their “special” child.  Secretly we all believe …

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Dec 11

Should Christians Discourage Belief in Santa Claus?

it is that magical time of the year where kids all across the globe look forward to Christmas morning when gifts are arrayed under the tree.  Santa Claus has been a part of Christmas tradition for years, but it seems many Christians today object to this practice.   Those opposed to Santa Claus typically view …

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Sep 14

Advanced Bible Reader – A Great Tool for Your Kids

Have you heard of the website and ministry of Advanced Bible Reader.  It was started by my good friends Kyle Butt and Chad Thompson.  It has been around for several years.  It is based on the school program called AR for Accelerated Reader.  Kids read books and take tests over the books to earn points. …

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Jul 16

Government Religious Restrictions Come to New Pathways Home in Kentucky

Since coming to preach in Mayfield, Kentucky I have been involved with the New Pathways for Children ministry.  The work began in 1990 and has grown through the sacrifices of Christians in this region.  The facility has undergone a renewal in the last three years through the leadership fo Glen and Ricky Burse.  Their number …

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Jun 15

Even Jesus Needed to Hear It

I hear and read so often that kids grow up without feeling and hearing love expressed from their father.   Leon Barnes, a long-time gospel preacher, has been reflecting on his family in some wonderful posts at leonbarnes.wordpress.com.  In the link just highlighted, he wrote about lessons from his dad.  His dad was a devout and …

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Mar 11

6 Considerations Regarding Your Children and Media Usage

With the advent of the touch-screen tablet and smart phones, computer and media usage for young children has soared.  It used to be that children needed to be at least 2 – 3 years of age to use a mouse, but now they can use touch-screens much earlier. These are often considered the “electronic baby-sitter” …

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Sep 22

Children and their Bibles: Part 2

In the last post I shared some suggestions for children and their Bibles.  In this post I want to share some of our experiences and make some book recommendations. Bibles I mentioned in the last post that you should get a child a Bible they can read. This link gives you the graded reading level …

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Sep 19

Children and Their Bibles: Part 1

I wanted to share some thoughts on Bibles and kids in the next two posts. In this post, I will make some general suggestions for you to consider.  In the next post, I will share some of our experiences with various Bible versions and story books. Some Suggestions Get your children a Bible and require …

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