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Nov 27

The World’s Inconsistent Message on Sex

Our culture is sending so many mixed messages. Each day contains a story about sexual misconduct. Another high profile leader is accused of inappropriate actions toward a woman.  In worse stories, extra-marital affairs or tales involving prostitutes are sadly all too common.  The politically correct view is to condemn these  inappropriate acts. The world demands …

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Oct 25

Wearing Masks!

It is Halloween time!  Halloween is the time when we put on costumes and pretend to be something we are not.  Kids enjoy this holiday and many adults still dress up.  While it is fun to put on a costume and pretend, do we put on masks throughout the rest of the year spiritually and …

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Jan 03

Are you Determined?

It is 2017!  What will be accomplished this year in your life? I have been listening to David McCullough’s fine biography of the Wright Brothers. The Wright brothers are famous for inventing the airplane and conquering the scientific problems of flight.  After the world had finally recognized their success they received many medals.  One of …

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Nov 01

Being Known for Our Ears!

What are Christians known for more; our mouths or ears? True or not, most would answer that we are known more for what we say.  We certainly should be known for proclaiming the truth in love.  We have to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but being known for our ears will help others hear …

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Jan 19

The Spark that Burns So Many Relationships

You are likely familiar with James’ discussion of the tongue in chapter 3 of his epistle.  I want to draw your attention to one verse from that section. “And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire course …

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Oct 11

The Image of God: What Does it Mean?

There is tremendous talk about mass shootings these days, and rightly so.  While the problem is multifaceted, the root goes back to the individual’s beliefs.  This is one product of a larger problem, we as a nation are raising thousands of individuals who do not know who they are!  They have been fed a message …

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Feb 02

Russell Wilson Won’t Be Defined by 1 Moment and You Shouldn’t Either

Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, came to a key crossroads in his life over the last 24 hours after losing the Super Bowl when he threw a goal line interception in the final minute.  He had led his team down the field and they were within 1 yard of scoring a touchdown. …

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Oct 18

Holiness in the Midst of Struggling Families

This week’s posts have been on holiness.  The first one focused on our motivation for holiness and the second one compared a happy versus a holy marriage.  This last post continues the family discussion. I ended the last post by asking: But, what if my spouse isn’t holy? What if my marriage is miserable? What …

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Oct 13

Our Motivation for Holy Living

I have been guilty. Most other preachers are as well. We often teach God’s commandments and desires for our lives in this manner: This benefit is why you should obey this command.  It may be an avoided consequence or a blessing gained. For example: We tell young people not to be sexually active because of STDs, …

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