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Speaking for Those Who Can Only Cry

Crying Baby at by Ariel Camilo

Abortion is not the only problem Christians should be speaking out against when it concerns the womb.  There is another epidemic increasing rapidly across our nation, that most Christians rarely encounter.  It is not as severe as abortion in numbers or consequences, but our faith should demand us speak to this issue of pre-natal development as well.

I am speaking about the rise in drug-addicted babies.  The problem is different today, than it was in the 80s with crack-babies.  Though we still have many babies affected by illegal drugs, there is also a tremendously alarming trend in babies born addicted to pain-killers.  The CDC released a report in August of 2016 that said, “the number of babies being born in the U.S. addicted to opioids has tripled in a 15 year stretch.”  Pain-killer addiction is a real problem for our culture.  But it affects an innocent life when expectant mothers remain addicted.

When a baby is born, they are shut-off from the drugs that their mother had been taking.  Their body goes through neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).  They suffer from gastrointestinal dysfunction, temperature instability, and central nervous system problems, such as tremors, high-pitched crying, and seizures. In 2012, over 1.5 billion in charges were made for treatment of opioid withdrawal.

I have spoken to neo-natal nurses who share their eyewitness tails of watching newborn babies suffer.  Imagine a baby shivering and crying  out in a painful pitch!  The scene is unnerving and filled with sorrow and compassion.

God admonishes Christians to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” (Prov. 31:8 NLT).  We need to realize that the prescription drug epidemic in our country is not only affecting millions of adults but it is also affecting our next generation.  They begin life in pain with their health already jeopardized.  We need to encourage those who are struggling with an addiction to get help!  Those using prescription drugs should take care to protect their pills and properly dispose of them when no longer needed.  It is our responsibility as Christians to love the hurting and addicted of our present generation, but also to speak up for the oppressed and innocent who are suffering like these precious babies.

Let us pray and speak up for those who can only cry in pain!


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