Sermon Booklets

Choosing to Cheat Series

This is an ebook that contains 4 sermons I wrote on priorities.  You can also listen to the sermons in Audio Resources and read a post about the series.  It is a pdf document.

Holy People Sermon Series – 1 Peter

This is an ebook that contains 11 sermon outlines of sermons from 1 Peter.  I preached them at the end of 2012.


Individual Sermons

Old Testament Lessons:

Exodus for the Christian – A two part lesson applying Exodus to the Christian.

From 11 Days to 40 Years –  This lesson is from Deut. 1 and focuses on not wandering away our years.

Necessity of Remembrance– This lesson is from the book of Deuteronomy.  It is a four page complete outline.

Josiah.The Boy King – How Revival Comes

Dealing with Opposition – Nehemiah

New Testament Lessons:

At the Feet of Jesus – This lesson studies what we should do at the feet of Jesus.

Babylon vs New Jerusalem – This sermon compares Babylon with the New Jerusalem from Revelation.

How Jesus Managed Time – This lesson shares 6 principles of how Jesus managed time.  This lesson originated with Mike Winkler who deserves credit for the material.

Not Optional – A survey of things that are “set in concrete” or “not optional.”  These are the “must” statements of the Bible.  I examine the Greek word Dei throughout the NT.

Salvation Lessons:

Baptism-when salvation is attained – This lesson surveys passages regarding baptism.

Baptized into Jesus – This sermon studies Acts 19:1-7 and focuses on five aspects of New Testament baptism.

Salvation Of The Eunuch – This sermon studies Acts 8:26-40.  It is also available in the Audio Resources.

Christian Living Lessons:

Living in the %22middle’– This lesson is from the book of Revelation and John’s instruction to struggling Christians living between creation and heaven.

7 Things The Word Of God Is Like – This lesson helps us better understand what the Word of God is and how it describes itself.  The audio is in the Audio Resources page and here is a link to the Haiku Deck.


Contemporary Issues

Can We Justified Breaking God’s Law? – This sermon studies David eating Holy Bread and Jesus’ discussion of this in Matthew 12 and Mark 2.

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