Jun 21

Seeking the Welfare of the People

We are in the midst of another political campaign.  Many Americans, especially Christians, are discouraged with the choices on the ballots.  The current political system seems to be fueled by greed and power.

Nehemiah was a great political leader of God’s people in the Old Testament.  When he came to Jerusalem with the king’s authority and financial backing to rebuild the walls, Israel’s enemies were concerned.  The Bible says it “displeased them greatly that someone had come to seek the welfare of the people of Israel.”¹  The term welfare involves the idea of good or best for the people.

This is what we should demand of our leaders today.  They all claim such, but it seems few actually practice such ideals.  They are interested in themselves and protecting their own support and ideologies.

We need leaders who put the good of the people and the nation above their own greed and power.  We need leaders in office who are willing to work for the good of the nation, rather than having to gain selfish glory.  Compromise, friendship, and civility should characterize our leaders, as they seek to do what is good for the people and the future of the nation.

Let us pray for this type of leadership.  When we are leaders, let us seek the good of the people, above ourselves.


¹  Nehemiah 2:10

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