Sep 09

Our Outdoor Sink

I enjoy cooking outside and have long wanted a sink to help in the preparation.  Also with four kids and all of our outdoor activities a fully-functioning sink would come in handy.  So while it never worked out in our old house, we planned to put one in our new house.  I planned it for the back porch right beside a smoker, grill, and two-burner outdoor gas cooker.  Amanda came up with the design idea of having it directly in line with the main kitchen sink.  So we can easily pass things through and talk as need be.  Also this worked out well with the plumbing.

Like a few other things this did not get done when we were building the house in 2015.  The plumber plumbed it with two outdoor water faucets and a drain.  It has stayed like that since 2015.  We just haven’t made the time to do the project.  Well we were able to tackle it over the last couple of weeks.  Thanks to a donated counter-top and sink from Wes and Ashley (Amanda’s sister) who took it out for their remodel, we saved a lot of money and had a ready to go sink and countertop.

Enjoy the pictures of this project as I take you through our building of it.

We started with a countertop!

We began by building the frame out of 2x4s.

Austin was my sidekick through the whole project. He was a great helper.

Caleb like to hammer!! He is pretty good for a 4 year old!



I bought the stainless-steel door back in 2015.


We covered it in 1/4 inch cement board.

We bought this weathered-barn wood plywood at Lowe’s.


We bought this faux stone back in 2014 before we ever started building the house on clearance at Lowe’s for this outdoor sink. We got it at 1/6th of the current price.

Austin loved laying the stones.

We used a glue to attach the stones to the        cement board.


I cut them on a wet saw.

Amanda was the chief designer and block-layer. She did great!  She also painted the inside wood grey.

The mostly finished product. I put on the faucet and plumbed the sink.  We have to buy a medal stool to complete it!

The top view!! I also made a cover for the sink with some extra countertop. This helps it not get as dirty and allows it to serve as a larger countertop.



We are proud of the way it turned out.  The stone looks great.  We love the Corian CounterTop and sink.  We are looking forward to using it for years to come.  I love it when a dream becomes a reality.  We dreamed about it and planned it for years and finally brought it into fruition.

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