Nov 05

Missing the Lord for the Crowd

by Brenton Nicholls at

Zaccheus, a man small in stature, knew the Lord was passing by him this day in Jericho.  But he was small in stature and could not see him because of the bustling crowd.  So he famously climbed up in a Sycamore tree, and the Lord noticed him and chose to dine at his home (Luke 19:1-10).

As I reflect upon this story, I wonder how many times the Lord is passing by us in our day, but we are so busy and distracted with the crowd that we don’t see him.  If we are going to notice God and the workings of Jesus throughout our day we have to climb up in a Sycamore tree and look for them. We have to be intentional about looking for opportunities to see the work of Jesus before us.  If we keep our head down in the crowd of life, we miss out on a meal with Jesus.

So today as you go about your life, lift your thoughts from the crowd of life and look for when Jesus walks by.  You may see him in a child, the beauty of the sunset, the heart of a caring brother, or in the meditation upon Scripture.  You may see the opportunity to share his story with a lost soul or remember to talk to him in prayer about a hurting friend.  Yes, Jesus is passing by us today, but will we see him?

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