Feb 06

How the Olympics Illustrate Christians!

by Lotus Head at freeimages.com

Much of the country will be fascinated with the Winter Olympics.  My family always enjoys watching them.    Figures skating is always one of the most popular events.  Considering the various participates in figure skating, which one best illustrates you as a Christian?

The Announcers – These are the experts in the field.  Their job is to analyze and critique each move of the skaters.  They look for every mistake of both the skaters and judges. They are so critical. This type of Christian is the one who is always complaining and fusing about something. They are quick to point out the failures of others.  They talk a lot, but do very little.

The Fans — The fans set on the sidelines pulling for their favorite country. They are interested in the show. They applaud and cheer. The events do not directly affect them or change them. This is the church member or attendee who is interested in the enjoyment they get from worship. They are concerned with what the church provides them.  There is no service and little true transformation.

The Judges — The judges have the serious responsibility of critique and assigning a score for the performance. This reminds me of the church member who is constantly evaluating the worship. The song leader really did well today or the preacher really missed it with that lesson. This Christian is constantly judging other members—their clothing, their actions, and their friendships.

The Coaches — The coaches have worked really hard to prepare their skaters for this day. They now stand on the sidelines and encourage. They are not like the fans who have little vested interest or little life change from these events, they are deeply involved and committed. But it is not their time in the spotlight. So they encourage and counsel. They love, hug, kiss, and even, cry. These are the Christians who are not up leading worship, they are not the prominent leader in the spotlight, but they are their encouraging, hugging, and weeping.

The Skaters — The skaters are the ones that everybody is watching. They do incredible things, yet they also make embarrassing mistakes. They make themselves vulnerable by competing and trying. They get up when they fall. These are committed Christians who are in the game. They are not perfect, but they live by faith. They are focused on their service and keep on performing even when judges and announcers criticize.


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