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Get an App for the Bible on your Phone and Tablet

I like technology, but I only recently upgraded to a smart phone.  I got an iPhone 4s on Straight Talk.   I really enjoy it.  It has been great for our family and for my ministry.  We have had an iPad2 for the last year.  I am not going to call names (Seven Oak’s folks), but I have been surprised by the people who want a Bible on their phone or tablet and they resort to some type of a book reader app for the Bible.  That is, they use the Kindle reader or iBooks app to either purchase or get free a Bible.  So they have for example the KJV or ESV as a book on the device.  Typically this is cumbersome for searching text and going to references during a lesson.  What I recommend doing is getting an APP for the Bible.  There are many out there.  Here are two of the most popular and both are FREE.

My favorite and the easiest I have found to change verse references is the ESV Bible App.  It is sleek, easy to use, simple, and allows you to take notes.  It is available on whatever platform you have.

ESV app

Visit the Crossway Website to Download the ESV App for your device.  Of course you can also search in the iTunes or Android store.

My next favorite Bible app is also a well-known one and it is called: You Version.  This one has an incredible amount of versions and even different languages on it.  You can either download the given Bible version to your device or simply use it through being connected to the internet.  This program has lots of possibilities.  One of my favorite features of this APP is that it has many audio Bibles.  So it will read you the Bible by using the recorded program, which are really well done.  You need to be on WIFI or data network to listen to these.  HINT:  Through StraightTalk I have unlimited data, so I enjoy streaming the audio Bible when exercising or riding in the car.  It is an easy way to listen and learn the Bible and rotate between versions.  

Visit the You Version Website to Download Your App for your device.   Of course you can also search in the Itunes or Android store.

you version Bible app

I will share more in future posts on technology.  But these two apps will help you tremendously in reading and listening to the Bible through your smart phone or tablet.  You will enjoy it much more than using a book reader to find verses.


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