Jul 07

Finding Your Center!

We live in a world of chaos.  Our lives are like walking through a crowded mall during Christmas.  We are surrounded by stores attractively designed to grasp our attention.  Salesmen working a kiosk booth ask for a few moments of our time to sell us what we have always needed, but never knew we wanted!  Fame, fortune, and pleasure all are doing the same things to us every day.  They promise happiness and joy, but often leave us deceived and battered.  We wander through life bouncing in-and-out of stores and listening to various salesmen!  Where is our center?

Jesus understands the allurements the churches are facing in Asia.  After speaking to each of them, he reminds them of the throne of God (Rev. 4-5).  God is to be on the throne of our heart as He is truly on the throne of the universe.  How do we stay connected to our center, in a world of such chaos and divergent pathways?  We worship God regularly!  Worship centers us in God.  It puts Christ on the throne and us as grateful servants.

As John pictures the throne room of God, he describes the ongoing worship of heaven.  The 24 elders and the 4 living creatures sing praise to the Creator and Eternal Being (4:8-11)!  They cast their crowns before Him (4:10).  A scroll is brought forth and its message is revealed through the power of the slain Lamb (5:1-7). Prayers of the saints ascend as incense to God (5:8).  The redeemed praise the slain Lamb through who’s blood they are ransomed (5:9).  This is worship!  This is what Christians do when we assemble.  We center our hearts and minds on the throne of God.  We join the heavenly multitude in worshiping God.  We sing, preach, pray, offer, and commune in honor of the Lamb who was slain.  Worship is not when the natural and the spiritual world compete, but when they coordinate!  

We need worship regularly to stay anchored; to stay fixed to the center.  Without worship, we do not even know our circumference!   We lose sight of the boundaries thet are good for us.  We become selfish and arrogant individual doomed to bitterness and sin.

Sunday’s coming!  Gather with God’s people to find your center!


Ideas originated with Eugene Peterson’s book Reversed Thunder – ch, 5



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