Personal Bible Studies – 5 Lesson Series

Who is Jesus

God’s Word our Guide

God’s Plan of Salvation

The Importance of the Church

How to live as a Christian

General Epistles at WKBS

I am teaching this class on James through Jude the Winter / Spring of 2015.  The notes will not be as extensive as Revelation, but here are the notes I am sharing with the class.

Intro. to General Epistles

Survey of James – A PDF of the powerpoint that introduces and survey’s James.

James – Lesson 1 – Key terms – This sheet discusses the terms steadfastness, perfect, tempted, and tested.

James 1.27 – 2.26 – Be Doers of the Word   – Notes for lesson 2 of the class examining James. 1:17-2:26

Lesson 3 – James 3-5  – Notes for chapters 3 – 5

Holy People Sermon Series – We are using these notes as a guide for 1 Peter.



Revelation Class at WKBS

I taught this class on Revelation the Fall of 2013.  Below are the notes and information I am using for the course.


Introduction, Interpretation and Themes

Understanding Revelation – Powerpoint

Chapter 1 – A Vision of Jesus

7 Churches of Asia – ch 2-3

The Heavenly Throne-room – ch. 4-5

Seals and Trumpets – ch 6-9

Midterm Study Guide

The Little Book, 2 Witnesses, and The War – Ch 10 – 12

The Beasts versus the Lamb’s Army – Rev 13-14

The Bowls of God’s Wrath – Rev 15-16

The Great Harlot and Fall of Babylon – ch. 17-18

The Marriage Feast and the Great Supper of God – Rev 19

The Defeat of Satan and the Millennialism – Rev. 20

What is the first resurrection?

Survey of Millennialism

The Heavenly City and Jesus’ Final Message – Rev 21-22

Overview of Revelation

Final study guide

Final test


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