Jan 18

A Prayer Journal Idea Everyone Can Do

Keeping a prayer journal or list can be more challenging that at first thought.  The list can get long quickly and it can be difficult to use it everyday.

Praying as a married couple can also be a challenge.  It is difficult to mutually make time for it, and sometimes both partners may not feel comfortable praying.

Let me share with you what has worked for us in 2017 and will be our continued practice in 2018.   Amanda, my wife, had the idea of starting a journal that worked in this manner.

  • We have a notebook/bound journal with lined pages.
  • We write 2 or more prayer items (one on each line) each day.  We date the prayer requests and we don’t try to list all we may have, just at least 2.
  • We take turns praying together before bed through the prayer list.  We don’t do this every night.  Sometimes we don’t pray together or we don’t use the list.  But we try to regularly do it.
  • When the page is filled, we turn to the next page and start over.  The new page starts a new list, so the list stays current and doesn’t become so long it is not manageable.

There are other and probably better ways to do a prayer journal.  But this approach has been manageable for us and allowed us to be consistent in praying for specific needs.  It brings us closer together and enriches our marriage.  It provides a history of our prayer requests so we can look back and see God’s faithfulness.

Give this simple approach a try.

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