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Jan 18

A Prayer Journal Idea Everyone Can Do

Keeping a prayer journal or list can be more challenging that at first thought.  The list can get long quickly and it can be difficult to use it everyday. Praying as a married couple can also be a challenge.  It is difficult to mutually make time for it, and sometimes both partners may not feel …

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Jan 16

Reflections on Snow and Our Sins

Our community has experienced a significant snow fall this past week.  Before the snow began falling my farm was a muddy mess.  We had received lots of rain and the yard was soft and muddy.  The barn lot was filthy with animals plodding around sinking in mud.  But then the snow hit.  The snow covered …

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Jan 07

A Cardiologist Models Christ-like Service

A few weeks ago, I was visiting some close friends and church members in the emergency room.  The brother had symptoms connected with heart problems, following a recent surgery.  An ambulance was called and they were receiving care.  The ER doctor wanted them to see a cardiologist.  The nurse was telling us about the cardiologist …

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Jan 04

“He gets nothing, until he takes it from us!”

The young, wild pony would have nothing to do with his new owners.  He was a danger to the kids and anyone in his area.  He was afraid of all humans and refused to cooperate with their plans.  After much work and maneuvering the family finally got him into a barn stall.  This is when …

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Jan 02

Considering Our Toughness!

As we begin 2018, I want to suggest that Christians should consider their toughness. Are Christians in America softer and less tough than former generations?  Many Christians have lost their convictions.  We are soft in that we don’t have time for the spiritual disciplines of our fore-fathers.  We are too busy to pray, read our …

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