October 2017 archive

Oct 25

Wearing Masks!

It is Halloween time!  Halloween is the time when we put on costumes and pretend to be something we are not.  Kids enjoy this holiday and many adults still dress up.  While it is fun to put on a costume and pretend, do we put on masks throughout the rest of the year spiritually and …

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Oct 24

The Holy Spirit’s Purpose was to Glorify Jesus

It seems that some churches major in the Spirit.  Their worship services focus on manifestations of the Spirit.  They claim to speak in tongues and seek for the Spirit to come into their services in a powerful and miraculous way.  Faith-healers claim they can heal the sick and give sight to the blind through the …

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Oct 19

Keeping Demons Out!

When we are motivated we can accomplish a tremendous amount.  The old saying is true, “When there is a why, there is a way.”  I have seen it many times in my ministry.  Someone has a strong reason for getting their life in order; it may be to save their marriage, or avoid trouble with …

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Oct 18

Our Church’s Day of Prayer and Fasting

Today, Wednesday, October 18th is Seven Oak’s day of prayer and fasting.  We have done this several times over my 14 years with this congregation.  It was first started when we were involved in a new building project.back in 2005.  We did it every year for a number of years.  Then we stopped it for …

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Oct 11

Embracing a New Season

Fall is the season of football games, pumpkins, and hayrides.  What fall activities do you enjoy the most?  Aren’t you thankful for the changing of the seasons?  Each season contains its own unique characteristics and activities.  It helps provide a rhythm to your years and new adventures to anticipate.  While I hope you are enjoying …

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Oct 04

The “Why” is Answered in the Absurdity of Evil!

Are you shaking your head in disbelief?  Mass shootings seem to be a weekly news item.  On September 24th, peaceful worshippers of Christ were assaulted as they were ending their service at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee.  One lady was killed and six others were injured.  The carnage would have been …

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