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Apr 30

10 Simple Ways to Show Your Wife You Choose Her!

This is a post for all you guys out there!  I know most of you rarely read a blog post.  But I am glad you are reading this, even if you are just doing it because she told you too! It is hard to stay focused on being a husband!  We are selfish with all of …

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Apr 28

500 Posts!!!

I just realized that the last post, How About a Ladies’ Night? was my 500th post. Pretty crazy that I have written 500 posts!  I started in November of 2012.  I have slowed down some over recent months, but I still enjoy blogging and plan on continuing to use it as a medium to encourage …

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Apr 28

How About a Ladies’ Night?

I am proud of our ladies at Seven Oaks.  This past Friday they held their 10th annual Ladies’ Night.  Many churches have ladies’ days, which are very effective and have their place in the church.  But our ladies wanted to do something different ten years back.  So they started a ladies’ night. Ladies love to …

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Apr 25

Don’t Let Satan Slow You Down!

Sometimes, us as Christians, get too comfortable with sin being a part of our lives.  We allow it to hang around, rationalizing that the key is just not going fully into a life of sin.  We develop a thought in our minds  that the error is just falling away from the Lord and embracing sin. …

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Apr 20

Caleb Keeps Some Great Time While Leading His Song

You will have to ignore my loud voice at the start of this song, but this is so adorable of Caleb leading his song at Lads to Leaders this last weekend.  He has watched his brothers and sister move their arms at home and wants to be like them!  

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Apr 18

Is he good or bad?

Amanda is teaching the kids about the Civil Rights movement and segregation in the South.  They are reading a historical fiction children’s book about Birmingham in 1963.  To accompany this study we watched a documentary yesterday made in 1997 called “4 Little Girls” about the 16th Street Baptist church of Birmingham bombing that killed four …

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Apr 13

One Big Thing the World Misses About God!

We hear regularly about how God is so loving and patient.  In modern American Christianity, God is extolled for his great love, patience, and kindness.  His forgiveness and mercy are trumpeted from the water cooler to the pulpit.  But for the most part, people live like they want to live, indulging in selfishness and sin, …

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Apr 03

Crippled by Satan

The woman had been stooped over for 18 years.  She did not have the ability to straighten herself up.  Imagine the discomfort and public shame this brought.  Likely her backbone vertebrae had become fused together.  But she caught the eye of Jesus.  He saw her, called her over to him, and spoke words of healing …

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