February 2017 archive

Feb 28

Am I Really a Fan?

I am a Los Angeles Laker’s fan.  That is what I claim, but don’t test my fan prowess!  No riddling me with questions like these:  Who are their starters this year?  What is their record?  Are they going to make the playoffs? But I am a fan of the Lakers.  I know all of their …

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Feb 23

Reviving Hospitality!

Why is it that we think hospitality is just for the ladies?  One of the qualifications for an elder is “hospitable.”  It seems that hospitality is a dying virtue in our busy culture. It was highly valued in Old Testament times.  We see it displayed by Abraham, Lot, the widow of Zarephath to Elijah and …

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Feb 21

What Am I Known for Loving?

Jesus said we should be known for our love for one another.¹  The term love involves our affections, loyalty, and passions.  Jesus said that “whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”² When you put these two statements of Jesus together you are …

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Feb 15

God and Patterns

God likes patterns and repetition.  I have started thinking about this again since teaching the book of Joshua this quarter.  The children of Israel go through a similar intentional pattern as their forefathers did when they left Egypt. They renew the covenant, cross the Jordan river on dry ground, circumcise the men, and God speaks …

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Feb 13

4 Moments That Help Make a Marriage

Like a car engine needs oil to run, so the moving parts do not create lots of friction and melt down, so a marriage with all of its stress needs lots of love to keep it from burning down. Love needs to be expressed daily to maintain the strong vibes and positive feelings between spouses. …

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Feb 08

Should Christians Seek Social Change? – FHU Lecture

*Below is my 2017 FHU Lecture Manuscript for my assigned topic in an Ethics track called “Should Christians Seek Social Change? from Daniel 4:27.  I hope it is helpful for you. ETHICS — SHOULD CHRISTIANS SEEK SOCIAL CHANGE? (DANIEL 4:27) Daniel, the prophet of God, was disturbed by the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  He realized …

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Feb 01

What I have Learned about Sheep and Myself!

I have had sheep on the farm since 2014.  We started with two ewes and a ram.  We have an unusual breed of hair sheep called Barbados Blackbelly Sheep.  They are very skittish and flighty.  They aren’t your cute cuddly version of sheep.  We raise them for the meat, which tastes very good.  We recently …

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