January 2017 archive

Jan 29

No One is Above the Law!

Sheriff Mike Chitwood of Volusia County, Florida was caught by one of his own deputies going 78 mph in a 55 mph zone.  The deputy realized who he had stopped and declined to give his boss a ticket.  When the sheriff reflected on the incident and his own example, he went back to the deputy and asked …

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Jan 27

It is Different When The Lightning Almost Hits You!

Byron Nelson tells an interesting anecdote in his autobiography regarding Ben Crenshaw in the 1975 U.S. Open.  Ben was finishing up his third round and walking to the 17th hole when lightning struck nearby.  It scared him so badly that he just flat ran off the course.  A couple of USGA officials in the clubhouse …

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Jan 25

A Christian’s Response to the Women’s March

On January 21st, over 500,000 protestors took to the streets of Washington D.C. in what was called the “Women’s March.” Protestors in cities across the U.S. joined in this cause bringing the claimed total to more than a million.  The organizers of the March claimed “the march’s goal was to stand up for equality for …

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Jan 18

Caring for Aging Parents

Americans are living longer and our medical system is the most advanced in history!  Both of these seem like wonderful blessings, but in reality they come with new challenges for our present generation.  One of those is the need to provide care to aging family members. God has always commanded His people to honor and …

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Jan 11

Preachers and Busyness

What do preachers say when you ask them how things have been going? Most all of us will say, “We have been really busy!”  We may even give you way more information than you desired about all the things we have been doing. This is a typical response from most working Americans today. We believe …

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Jan 10

My Class on the Law of Moses

We study from the books of Moses (Genesis – Deuteronomy) regularly in our classes.   I have taught many lessons from these, but never had I taught a systematic study focused solely on the Old Law until this last class i taught.  Most teachers, and especially students, perceive that it will be too dry, boring, …

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Jan 04

Scratching Your Spiritual Itch!

Americans are growing less religious, but more spiritual.  This may, at first, seem like a contradiction. But surveys are indicating that while attendance and membership with religious bodies are decreasing,  spiritually, which relates to feelings of peace, wonder, and well-being are on the rise.¹  In America, with our predominantly Christian based culture, this has often been …

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Jan 03

Are you Determined?

It is 2017!  What will be accomplished this year in your life? I have been listening to David McCullough’s fine biography of the Wright Brothers. The Wright brothers are famous for inventing the airplane and conquering the scientific problems of flight.  After the world had finally recognized their success they received many medals.  One of …

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