April 2016 archive

Apr 27

A Christian and Vows

Jesus taught disciples not to swear by earthly objects (Mat. 5:23-27).  The Pharisees had become accustomed to swearing by the altar, the temple, and the earth.  That had developed a tradition and system surrounding these vows and what was more powerful and appropriate.  Jesus says that we should not try to add strength to our …

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Apr 21

Is Your Church Prepared to Save Someone’s Life?

Churches are in the saving business!  Of course, I am speaking about saving people’s souls through the gospel of Jesus Christ. But what about saving someone’s physical life?  We were faced with that task on a Wednesday night at 7 Oaks Church of Christ recently. Our normal Bible study portion had concluded and we were moving …

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Apr 18

A Business with the Right Idea!

This is not my typical post on this blog, but I was so impressed with the philosophy and aims of this company that I had to share about them.  When we were at the Lads-to-Leaders convention in Nashville my wife did some shopping at one of the booths connected with the convention.  She told me …

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Apr 07

Learning From History about Terrorism

History is a wonderful source of helping us better understand the present.  We would do well to be informed and aware of the history of Western nations with Islamic extremists and nations. I am reading Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger.  This book details a little known war during …

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Apr 06

Brooke’s Song

Brooke turned 9 today!  We can’t believe she is growing so fast.  Just a short time ago I wrote about her being six. Brooke is a vibrant, full-of-life, sweet, smiling, little girl.  This story captures why we are so proud of Brooke and her demeanor in life as well. Brooke competed in the Lads-to-Leaders and …

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