February 2016 archive

Feb 24

The Quality that Makes a Church Leader Great!

The 7 Oaks Church of Christ has been going through the process of appointing new elders and deacons. I have thought much about church leadership during this process. Tonight, we witnessed something special at Bible study that continued to reinforce, in my mind, what makes a church leader great.   We have one brother who …

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Feb 23

The Least Likely to Say Thanks!

Who is the person who is least likely to express appreciation? Is it the poor person who lives off of weekly handouts? Is it the rich person who doesn’t care that you served them well? Is it the young person who is too arrogant and self-centered to pause and say thanks? Or is it the …

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Feb 19

God Yearns for Your Love!

Classic love stories like Romeo and Juliet focus on how the lovers cannot live without one another.  I think of the famous line from Last of the Mohican’s, when Nathaniel says before leaving his love Cora, “You survive.  You stay alive no matter what occurs.  I will find you . . no matter how long …

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Feb 16

The Story of How I Realized You Must Have a Ticket to Get In!

This past Friday night I did something I have never done before; I waited outside an event with a sign trying to buy tickets!  I have sold tickets before, but never gone to a sold-out event desperately trying to buy them!  It was for the “Christian” based comedian Tim Hawkins.  He is hilarious and provides …

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Feb 11

Some Lincoln Quotes for Our Present Time

Abraham Lincoln has long been a favorite character of history.  I can’t help but think we could use more of his wisdom and political understanding in our current time.  I read through some of his famous quotes and wanted to share some with you that I think should be applied in 2016! Regarding Power: Nearly …

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Feb 10

Some Simple Ways to Create a Healthy Self-Image in Your Kids

Helping to build a healthy self-image within your children is a big concern for many parents today.  While it can be difficult to find the balance between building a healthy self-esteem and simply spoiling your child by focusing on their happiness here are some suggestions.  I would welcome others you may have in the comments. …

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Feb 02

What I Wish Everyone Knew about Jesus

This post is a part of a series I write on “What I Wish Everyone Knew . . . ”  Check out the other posts. Most everyone has heard of Jesus!  But most of what people know about Jesus has come from family and pop culture.  Most haven’t really explored who the real Jesus is …

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